Monday, March 27, 2017

The Broke Writer Series: Part 2 Perspective

As a writer, the best mindset is to be unafraid.
                                                         -Malcolm Gladwell  

Last week I talked about reality--that things are not what they seem.

This week, I am going to talk about perspective.

This is a tricky thing--in writing there is all sorts of perspective, negative and positive.

Do the words "I feel", "I can't" show up in your thought process?

Stop it. Right this moment. Perspective. 

First feelings will LIE to you. Lets unpack some of these perceptions masquerading as false feelings one may be having. (This also applies to things other than writing--its in everything)

The Wild-Haired Girl makes a HUGE mistake obsessing over reviews
  • Struggling?
  • Not writing?
  • No sales?
  • Marketing?
  • Time?
  • Stalled?
  • Rejections?
  • Reality of writing sobering?
  • Dreams dying?
  • No one knows you?
  • Everyone is moving ahead of you? 

First; stop comparing, and look at what you want.

I had to.  What are you? Answer that first.

ME:  I am writer.

What does that mean?  That means I am in it for the long haul. Things don't happen immediately, it takes time.  It's also a business, and I need to stop taking things personal. To be adventuresome--some things will work, and some things will fail.

Failure humbles, redirects, and can strengthen. BE BRAVE.

Part of this perspective is you must WRITE.

Without the finished product, we have nothing to edit--and remember it can be good enough.
  • Submit
  • Publish
I love choices.

Write some more. Keep going forward. Simple. But we are writers, we complicate things.

What about marketing? What about....


Research these things (and I'll be posting about my research) and keep writing.

Maybe a contest will help? A blog?


You are writer. Keep writing. Take nothing personal. Some people will like your writing, some won't, and that's the way of the world. It's words is one step forward and when you start climbing the hill, you'll back and see how far you've come. Until then, just keep going.


That's what perspective is,

I also suggest copious amounts of coffee or tea. You're going to need it. You got this.  

Next week, I'll talk about who influences me as I continue to work on my craft. Because that is part of the broke writers life--continuing to improve.

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