Monday, March 20, 2017

The Broke Writer Series: Part 1 reality.

Deep Dark Secret
I'm a broke writer.

It's like confessing some dark secret. Like I eat a pint of ice-cream a night. (which I don't--but now I want to. Go figure.)

In writing there is so many smoke and mirrors, one of them is money. Oh, I'm not going to write (whine)about the trials and tribulations of making hardly any money--I'm going to talk about how I am dealing with it. In the next few weeks I am going to do a series on being broke--and how to survive, flourish, and do what you can with little to no money.

What I want you to take away this:  Do what you can, with what you got.

Sure, I'd like to be one of the big names who glibly state they are making five to six figures - a month, or a year (I'd be happy making 100 dollars a month).  But I'm not, and honestly that's the way it goes; its a part of the journey. A humbling but realistic one. It is up to ME to change it one small thing at a time.

BUT, how can I change this? A little at time. I just heard an interview (I love pod-casts & webinars) where the best thing for a broke writer is TIME. Take time to write, take the time to do the things you cannot afford to outsource.

Things needed and would be nice to pay for:

Websites (this can run from free to hundreds of dollars) 
Editing (Includes developmental, copy editing--you name it. And this can be pricey-- up to thousands of dollars)
Covers (Can be inexpensive under a hundred dollars, to over a thousand)
Marketing (You can spend TONS of money on this)
Conferences (The cost of going runs into hundreds to thousands of dollars; registration can be from 100 to 600 dollars plus; but networking can be invaluable.)
Publishing  (Now this is negotiable, if you get a vanity press--yes, you'll spend lots, if  you go indie and you buy your own ISBN, that can be a hefty cost too, then there is traditional publications--where most of the marketing is on you.)


What to do?

At this point--I supposed to share my wisdom. What I can share is my ignorance. Because no matter what step I take I learn. I make mistakes, and ignorance really does give me some hefty lessons.

When I started writing-- I was writing Paranormal Romance/Urban Fantasy; a cross over. I also like creepy stories.  I have two books, and one short story out:  Click here to see:  M.V.'s Books

My first book INCANDESCENT did okay--but now it's lost; check the stats it goes anywhere from 5 million to 1 million. The drop to 1 million means some poor schmo founding it by accident.

What did I do wrong?

I didn't have a plan. I'm here to help you rethink how to look at your writing, and your career. To find a way for it to work FOR you even if you can't spend any money.

Reality is tough--but you can work around it. It just takes a bit longer.

This is the introduction to this series, in the following weeks I am going to discuss:

Perspective--what kind of mind set do you need to have.
Craft (You HAVE to keep improving): What sites are free, where can you get information.
Editing:  Where to get it, how, and what do you need if you are broke. 
Marketing: Marketing on a budget... (try and save a few pennies now)
Websites:  How/when/where to make them. Reality of getting one.
Covers:  If you are going Indie, what can one do. My perspective.
Networking: One has to know other writers--because THIS will help you improve your craft and business.
Misc: Whatever else I forgot...

I am not an expert in any of these things, I don't pretend to be. But I am going to show you what I am doing, where I am looking--and I want YOU prospective writer to do your own digging, researching. Because everything needs to be what works for you.

For you readers--Tell US, the writers the best way to reach you. To talk to you. What works FOR YOU? (and it helps us writers out, because we write--for you).

I'm even going to show what I am doing right this moment--even as I write these posts, and at the end, I'll let you know how I've done.
Inner Editor & Muse

Until then--KEEP WRITING. Because you can't fix a blank page.

As my Inner Editor (the pink gorilla) and my Muse (Mr. T) to the left will attest.

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