Monday, July 10, 2017

Deleting blog - (Refocusing My Career, & Firing Up The Coffee Pot)

To be a blogger one has to blog consistently.

Firing up the coffee pot!
I do not.

The question is--what do I want to do--write blogs or write my stories?

I choose: STORIES full of mayhem, hope, and weird things.

I started this blog 5-6 yrs ago, and while I have loved the interviews and some of the things I've done, it is now time to quit pretending and get serious about my career.

So, I'm firing up the coffee pot, gathering my muse, and the inner editor, and I'm setting out to get things done. I am already working on a new story, plotting out some others. I am excited about the path ahead of me.

As the wild-haired girl in me says "You just have to start."

Assisted by my muse, & inner editor
I was going to have this very long post on the why and wherefore--but really that just makes me yawn. I started a series on broke writers--which I may go ahead and put into a small novella--for free to share (no promises). There are so many others out there sharing good information.

But this blog has to go. I'm not saying something like this won't come back, but right now it doesn't fit into my time, or business model. (lets face it my business model is bit more like soft clay sculpture with tentacles and easily reformed).

So to all my followers--keep an Eye out--I'm not leaving, just recreating. So grab a cup of coffee or tea, and lets get going!

 This blog will be deleted as of  Aug 1, 2017.