Monday, October 31, 2016

Halloween--Horror Short Story--The Hunter's Trophy (FREE TODAY ONLY)

I love autumn, and Halloween--because I enjoy the thrills and chills of the season. I always read books and sort stories of the season, some were funny, others scary.  My goal is to write a short story for every season-- this year I'm starting out with a Horror story.


Tracey has tracked other students in her local high school, a hunting ground she’s used for years as part of her father’s training. Trophies are proof of her success. In the past, she’s collected easy items like personal possessions and locks of hair. But now, she’s been informed it’s time to up the prize.

Her newest mark is Ashley, a wealthy transfer student who poses a challenge because she is not following the rules of prey. To Tracey’s surprise, the tables have turned. Ashley is tracking her—and only one will survive.

Now it’s Halloween and the stakes are high. There are other things lurking in the dark and blood must be drawn.

You can buy it by clicking here: The Hunter's Trophy

On October 31, 2016, (Halloween) This story will be FREE. (For ONE day only) So if you want a quick, chilling, read, this would be a good fit. 

Do you like to read scary books around this time? If so, what kind?

Have a Spooktacular  day.... (I couldn't resist)

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