Thursday, March 24, 2016

The Wild-Haired Girl and the Quest..part 2

Stale hot-chocolate was highly overrated. The Wild-haired girl sipped it anyway as she watched the mass of humanity elbowing and pushing each other to get to the front of the line. She'd been up since dawn, well, vertical at least. It took an hour or two to be coherent enough to shower, get dressed, pack and drag herself here on the very fringes of this crowd. Maybe it was more like four hours....because the sun was high in the sky as she sauntered through the quiet streets. You know the kind, cobble stones which twisted ankles as you walked, quaint shops she couldn't afford to shop in, it was at once inspiring and demoralizing. She'd spotted a few others. One older guy dragging a suitcase who waved at her and a slip of a girl who ran away at her greeting like it was the plague. Maybe she forgot to put on deodorant?

She checked. Nope, she was good. 

Odd people. That's what her estimation was. She was going to discuss this with her fairy god person.

As she hung back, one woman a little behind her, a tall amazon with bright multi-colored hair and a red dress (who was she to comment on quest apparel?) trumpeted she knew the exact way to get to the top of this mountain. Lifting her arm up to lead any who would follow, the brazen woman pushed people over to move forward. Her sharp elbow knocked into the Wild-haired girl as she passed, her hot chocolate splattering on the cobblestones before her. 

"Hey! You owe me a coffee!" The Wild-haired girl shouted at the back of the amazon who neither turned around, acknowledged her or apologized. Behind her a horde of equally rude people tried to do the same, but this time she was ready for them and managed to use some pointy elbow power herself, when they threatened to trample on her.

Was it that important to be first to the top? Without caffeine? What weirdos.

"There's always a few like that." A slight auburn haired woman commented, she'd strolled up to stand next her. She was far more prepared with a walking stick, a small, but neatly arranged back-pack, and sturdy shoes. The Wild-haired girl tried not to look down at her converse, or think about the over-stuffed back-pack pushing her into the ground. Maybe she should have paid more attention to what she put in the thing.

"And you are?" The Wild-haired girl had grown wary of friendly strangers. She also hoped she wasn't noticing how ill-prepared she was.

"I'm Pim, short for Pimberly, my parents were not thinking when they named me." said the other woman, "and you?"

"Wild-Haired Girl." Ok, so maybe her parents were bit more evil. The other woman smiled at the name. She began to warm to her--especially for not commenting on on her mis-matched socks. Maybe she should've slept a little longer...

"Ha. C'mon, let's go," Pim paused when the Wild-hair girl didn't move, partly because she wasn't sure she could move. "Lets just walk a ways together, you don't have to follow me--all the paths end up different, from what I've observed."

"According to the behemoth who passed me," the Wild-haired girl nodded toward the loud woman still giving orders. "She knows the only way..." a part of her wondered if it was true.

Pim laughed. "That one..." She tilted her chin in the direction of the amazon who strode up a path with a large group hustling behind her, "Will find everyone has a path, you can only walk so far with someone. So don't worry about her and her supposed solutions."

"I hope she gets perpetual flatulence." The Wild-haired girl groused still irritated over losing her drink, but relieved she could move.

"Just an FYI, words have power here, and I feel sorry for anyone down-wind of her." Pim warned her as the Wild-haired girl shouldered her overstuffed backpack trying to take a longer stride. It was more of a lurch.

"Fine, maybe a minor case." She followed her new friend who nodded approvingly, and she wasn't sure if it was because of her amended curse or that she was keeping up. She decided not to ask.

Things had thinned out before the mountain as they approached. Now there were small groups huddled together staring fearfully at the different paths and the mountain itself--a huge, untamed thing, with trees, craggy stone, and snow on the very summit.

"See those people?" Pim jerked her thumb to the whispering group of four as they passed them. The group was looking at the different paths and muttering. "They'll just talk about it, but never choose a path, not sure why, the coffee is terrible here, and have you had the stale hot-chocolate? Horrid."

"I didn't get much of a chance to try it." groused the Wild-haired girl, still miffed, but caught the movement of a few who broke away from the group. "Wait, look..."  False alarm they only bent down to examine the quality of stone one path had.

A few others broke away from their groups and went in pairs down a pathway, another group scattered and each one went down a different path. One guy kept starting up the path and coming back down. One girl stood and stared at the path trembling.

"Indecision is a terrible disease." Pim said, sadness in her voice as they stood before the many paths up the mountain. The Wild-haired girl looked about in great trepidation at the choices, some were paved, others rocky, a few mud ones, but it was the gravel one with the mist which pulled at her.

"Let's not be indecisive then." The Wild-haired girl told her and they stepped on the misty path. She was not going to be paralyzed.

At first she did alright, but twenty minutes in--she found her back pack digging too deeply into her shoulders, a rock in her shoe making each step an agony.  Her steps slowed, until she was shuffling. Pim danced ahead trying to encourage her, until the Wild-haired girl stumbled and fell to her knees.

"Piffle!" she spat, pushing herself off the ground with a loud groan. It took her a moment but she managed to wriggle out from under the monstrosity of the back pack. The relief of being able to breath with out hunching over was greater than getting a triple scoop of death-by-chocolate ice-cream topped with fudge (and how she wanted one!). She dragged the heavy thing over to one of the beautifully carved stone benches dotting the pathway.

"You okay?" Pim called, pausing a few feet away.

"Yeah, keep going, I'll catch up." The Wild-haired girl told her, knowing it was a lie, but not wanting to keep her friend back from moving forward on the path. Pim waved and kept going.

Well this just sucked. No coffee to boot.

Next to a bench was a huge barrel with the sign that read  "Leave unwanted baggage HERE."

She stared at her over stuffed back pack, and with a sigh, opened it. It was time she did get rid of things.

First thing she tossed in was the hair-dryer.  No matter what she did--her hair was always going to be a crazy mess--time to accept it and move on.

A stone...there was  stone in here. Really? She packed a stone--early morning packing sessions were not her thing at all.


"Hey!" the Wild-haired girl ducked but straightened when she realized who it was. Her fairy god-person floating above her whacking her on the head with her wand. She opened her mouth to say .... and stopped when a large, lidded paper cup was thrust at her, from it arose the unmistakable scent of -- coffee.

Without thinking she snatched it from the fairy's hand. "You are amazing!"

"I am, aren't I?" chirped the fairy. Today she was dressed in a black unitard, with heavily sequined purple tunic, trimmed with feathers, and shimmering pink and silver boots, matching her hair. Wings flicked back and forth rapidly to keep her in the air.

"I thought you had a hot date last night?" The Wild-haired girl sipped the nectar of the gods, relaxing for the first time since yesterday.

"He was boring, now don't relax, keep cleaning." The fairy whacked her on the head again, but the Wild-haired girl didn't care, not with caffeine. With another sip, she pulled one-handed a stone from her back pack, chunking it in the barrel--score!

The fairy looked into the bag, "Oh, you do have a lot of can get rid of all of them but one, that one you have to get rid of farther up the mountain..."

"Why?" The Wild-haired girl began tossing all the stones, one by one into the barrel, barely looking at them as she drank. One had to have priorities and coffee was it.

"The quest rules, blah, blah, need to prove to yourself something." the fairy told her.

"This whole quest thing is really annoying me." The wild haired girl muttered as she worked.

"Quit whining, we all have quests. In fact, you're part of my quest." Beamed the fairy. "I'm to get you to the other side."

Apparently there was no escaping this.

"So long as you bring me coffee, I'm all for it." The Wild-haired girl sighed, downing the last sweet drop of the coffee, and it had real cream in it too. She wondered if she could lick the, that would be too weird. (and she would've done it if she didn't have an audience).

"Of course!" She said, "Oh, and I see you've met Pim, she's also one of my god-children like you." the fairy added.

"You know Pim?" The Wild-haired girl paused in re-stuffing her backpack, not bothering to fold because she just wasn't in the mood.

"For a long time, she's full of adventure." She looked again at her back-pack, "Why aren't you folding?"

"Have you ever tried to fold cotton? or this.." Wild-haired girl pulled out a silky top, and wondered why she even had it on this quest. She chunked it into the barrel.

"True, but I have people to do that for me." The fairy waved her hand dismissively. Finishing the repacking the Wild-haired girl chose not to respond to that. Slinging the much lighter back-pack on her shoulders she stood. No longer did it dig into her, or make her gasp for breath.

"Well done!" The fairy clapped her hands, floating beside her as she walked back up the path. "Now, lets talk about the monsters...."

"The what?" The Wild-haired girl stopped, heart thudding in her chest. Here she thought bad seventies clothes and no coffee was the worst thing possible. Nooo, there had to be something worse.

"Oh, don't worry, you'll be able to defeat them, everyone has to on this path." The fairy told her as if she should've known this.

"Is there a path without them?" Right now she could do with no monsters.

"All quests have monsters, sizes vary."

"How about teensy ones?" The Wild-haired girl started looking around for them. "so I can stomp on them."

"It doesn't work that way." The fairy told her in a scolding tone. "It's all part of character growth, so on and so forth."

Groaning, the Wild-haired girl continued to trudge along, the thought of turning back made her ill, as if she were giving up. The images of the indecisive people and those huddling on the edge of the paths gave her a shudder. She was not going to be like least for now.

"Bring me more coffee, and I'll fight them." She promised, as the way ahead became clearer with the sun peaking out. It was hard to think of monsters now. There far ahead was a figure--Pim, strolling along.

"That's my girl! That I can do." The fairy whacked her on the head before flitting off.

"And make sure it's a double shot!" She called after her, because she knew this called for lots of caffeine. "And chocolate!"

So ends Part two....

I am back! Well, sort of. The hiatus was a month, but diving back into the swing of things was a bit more hectic than I thought. So here its March instead of does time fly, frustratingly so.

It DID help taking January off, the break was what I needed to get my priorities straight. Find myself, considering I was never really lost, but one can get disoriented.

One of the things I am having to accept as I started to get things together--there is a season for every thing and fighting it will not make it go faster, change, or get what I want. The best thing I can do is lean into it, and appreciate it for what it is; time to grow.

I am writing--but I am not freaking out about it right now. There will be a season one day when I will be overwhelmed and stressed. A time when deadlines will be breathing down my neck like the hot breath of the night-time monsters. I may not be writing as fast as I want, but I am moving forward, preparing myself for the season where I have more time.

I am also going to use this time to change my blog and my website sometime this year. I also have family things.

Each thing in its time.

I am going to try to share some of the different things I am doing this year--when and if I can (I am quite horrid at getting this blogging thing right!)

The first thing is introducing you to my inner muse: The Wild-haired girl with snark, obsession with coffee...and the quest. She won't always be walking--but I like her. Allows me to develop my drawing again.

Then there are my stories--oh, I have plenty, some dark and bloody, others lighter. I hope to share with you.

How is this year going for you? Tell me!


  1. You should publish this with your drawings. I love it and love you, Wild Haired Girl! And coffee, I love coffee. But that's a given.

    1. <3 and I adore you as well!!!!
      And I just may publish it--after I finish writing all this. I'm having fun with it.
      Coffee to all! *grin*

  2. I agree with Nancee Cain. This is awesome. Have fun with it.

    1. Thank you Marissa <3 You are a delight!!!
      And it is so much fun! *grin*

  3. Love you, WHG. You're never far from my thinks. xoxo

    1. I heart you too, oh writer of beautiful words. You made my day! :)