Monday, December 7, 2015

Christmas Cookies

The temperatures have dropped, the last few vestiges of leaves cling determinedly to the skeletal limbs of the trees. Where I live--the sky is overcast more often than not, the grass is brown, and the threat of rain (or tornadoes) is a real factor.

Everyone is busy--putting up lights, shopping---and this means in my part of the world Christmas is near. 
Everyone has their own traditions--and things they adore during this season. To me it is one of anticipation and expectation, but one of my favorite things I enjoy are making and consuming Christmas Cookies; those lovely confections which are usually a touch fancier this time of year.  Granted, my jeans don't appreciate me, but I do step up my workouts this time of year. (I usually say its for stress, but really--its the butter and sugar delights which propel me to move).

I decided to invite authors I know to share their favorite recipes--and one of their books (because one HAS to read a good book when eating cookies. 

My favorite cookies are usually a shortbread or sugar cookie--what is your favorite? 

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