Sunday, September 13, 2015

Writing is Constant Change

Coffee; Writer Fuel
Every few months I write a post like this one---how I am going about making my life work, incorporating writing, and keeping my family and job from imploding. I always have high hopes--and a great plan, but the reality is this--

It always changes.

I was going to say it was a failure, but I don't think when you are dealing with life and trying to make it work--there are not failures, just changes.

My process to find a balance usually involves a period of NO writing--and reading articles and books on how to do things better---and I always have these great plans and.... all it goes south eventually.

For a writer there is so much that is supposedly required:

Engaging on Social Media
Writing <--this SHOULD be fun......
Synopsis writing
If self publishing:
   --Find Content Editor/Line Editor etc
   --Find Book Cover
   -- Formatting
And that's just the tip of the iceberg. Lets not forget about net-working, conferences, and ignoring the bad reviews (celebrating the good)....

Then for many of us--there is the day job, family, bills, house, exercise, diet, furred critters.....

So those great plans to write every bloody day are a great intention but  not always possible. LIFE sometimes happens and I've had to roll with it.

One thing I've learned--- guilt is a by product of being a writer. That little voice inside you that berates everything you do, from your pathetic writing, adds in you are a failure as a writer, if you can't keep up and DO IT ALL.


I've been thinking long and hard and wrestling with that little freaking voice determined to berate me over every little thing I do, or don't do.  Guess what? there is no perfect program, system, or way of doing things as a writer. 

Like plotting-- there are many way to get the writing in and get the job done in your own time. I don't write every day, I want to, but it doesn't always happen.  This is why I've decided to just keep getting back on my feet and doing what I can when I can.

And I try to duct tape the mouth of that annoying inner voice.

I'll keep reading those helpful books; because I get good ideas. (In fact, I think I'm going to put some of the best I've read in a blog and post it here at a later date).

I haven't given up, I won't. No matter what dire predictions of publishing (next to the inner voice, the doom and gloom of publishing voices are just as bad!) I'm going to write.

I'm also going to walk my own road, and gather those around me who are hopeful and love the process of writing.

That's all I can control. 

Writing and life is a constant flux; and I'm learning to roll with it and forgive myself.

It will work out.

How about you? Are you struggling? What are you going to do about it? 


  1. Amen, Mary! I honestly had tamed that voice, before I started writing, and so sometimes I wonder why I continue to do something that leaves me feeling so inadequate (I let my blog go, sometimes I disappear from social media for months). But there's this: "Writing <--this SHOULD be fun......"

    And for me, it almost always brings joy, a joy NOTHING else does. I think about Chuck Wendig saying if you wonder if you should quit, if it's really an option, you should. Because if writing isn't as necessary as oxygen for us, then it's going to cost us too much.

    1. Amber-- you are SO right! And Chuck is too-- I actually asked that question, should I quit? Is the headache continuing to write worth it? But I became nauseous thinking of not writing at all and realized, nope, gotta keep at it.

      Keep writing Amber! You have fantastic stories! (and for any who haven't read them, I recommend them!) And thank you for stopping by! I always enjoy chatting with you. :)