Sunday, April 5, 2015

Follow up--How My Writing Experiment is Going

My goal was to post something everyday.

Well. That didn't work. But I'm going to keep trying. This is for me. I have to want to do this.

Do I?


So instead of fighting it, I have to just dive in deeper and find my gumption. I did start out strong (I'll show you below).  Initially I was motivated, and then I hit fatigue, day job interference, etc. -- then I found myself making excuses. 

That's a no go. I'll tell you more after I post my results for the last week:

9:41 AM10:06 AM550Desk/ComputerOffice

16:05 pm16:30pm 525Desk/Computeroffice
11:35 a.m12;00pm782Desk/Computeroffice

12:05 PM12:30 PM516desk/computer



No planning :(


I realized I haven't done enough planning before I sat down. I also realize the later I write, the less likely I will. You notice there are two days missing.

What happened to me? I'm finding I'm still procrastinating -- especially if I haven't planned enough. These are behaviors I have to watch. Sure, I had doctor appointments and day job--but I had enough time to write--but I found other reasons why. THIS is good to know. Now I can address ti.

This week, I'm going to try and make it the WHOLE week. It's a quest.

Anther thing, trying to silence the internal editor--geez, an annoying thing--I can revise LATER. LATER. That is my mantra. My goal.  But those soft words "This sucks, fix this, you can do better..." Yes I can.

How is your writing going?

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