Sunday, March 29, 2015

The Writing Experiment

In the last few months--and if I'm truthful, longer than this--I've hit  a profound writer's block. It's been far more pervasive than I've ever experienced. I seriously wondered if I'd have to put it aside writing for awhile--and the thought of not writing made me physically ill.

So I decided to find  out why I was struggling? Stress? Sure, like everyone I am dealing with the numerous litany of life's small tragedies, but you know what? They're all excuses. 

I got mad, I refused to think this was the end and started to search for a solution to find my love of writing again AND write faster and better. One book a year isn't going to cut it for me. But how? I read Rachel Aaron's book 2 to 10k, an inspiring book. But it wasn't a perfect fit.

Then I found the book  Write Better, Faster; How to Triple Your Writing Speed. By Monica Leonelle.

Monica Leonelle's book was a bit more practical for me (and personally both these books build on each other and I highly recommend both).  She mapped out how she did it--and encouraged experimentation on oneself.

This I could do--experiment. I determined there were five things I needed to do:
  • Re-establish a writing habit.  Yes, I'd let it fall to the wayside, because my work situation had changed for day job; and I let it overwhelm me. I kept putting my writing aside.
  • Preparation is key: I can't avoid some outlining--writing out bits of dialogue, scene etc. I found myself staring at the screen knowing I had to have the Heroine do something--but not sure how it was going to occur.  Sometimes this freaks me out--outlining, but I have to get past it. I NEED more prep work and I know this.
  • Monitor the typing/word count: Oh, yeah, I've resisted this. Big time. How can I tell what I'm doing better if I don't know what the baseline is. *at this point it's probably ten words a minute*
  • Accountability: I'm going to be honest; I don't like checking in with others, but I'll post here. I'm going to tell you how much I've written, what affected it, and how I felt about it.
  • Be Flexible: I'm going to work on things I like, if one project is blocking me, I'm going to work another.
 I'm not going to promote these posts. It's for those who want to see my progress, and more me to keep me honest.

I need to write and get things done.

I'll officially start on Monday.

What do you want to improve?

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