Thursday, January 1, 2015

Here's to 2015--My Song for You.

2014 showed up and I'm still flailing. Are you? 

What was your 2014 year like?
  • Was it filled with drama? Stress? Illness?  
  • Did work drag every bit of what was good of you? Tried your very patience, tired you to the point of dropping? 
  • Did you lose friends? Gain them?
  • Did you lose a job? Did things break? Bills pile up? (They always do)
  • What about your creativity? Did it falter? whither? Flee to the outer limits without you? Did it stay awhile?
  • How about procrastination? Did it show up like an unwanted visitor, staying far longer than you intended?

If so--I have something for you; this video from Halestorm-- a song to renew your focus, celebrate the chaos, and to remember that this is a NEW YEAR--a New Day.

Make this year a better one; find an opportunity. Decide each day to do SOMETHING toward a goal you have. Is it to get fitter? write more? Learn something?   Take each day--- toast it, and meet the next.

This is your Year.

And it is mine!  

Tell me what you hope for.


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  2. Happy New Year!! *clinks glass*
    Note - auto correct and I had a disagreement in my first post, it kept wanting to say clinics not clinks..