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Chatting with Author Jillian Chantel

Today I have a wonderful AuthorJillian Chantel, and I hope you like her as much as I do.

Welcome Jillian, *pours a cup of coffee* so glad you could stop by.

JC: Thanks for inviting me over to chat today. Man, you’re asking me some questions that make me think. That’s a very dangerous thing to do, missy!
MVF:  Perfect!

I ask this of every author--what genres do you write?  How many books do you have out right now? (Which I am awed about)
JC: Genre? Hmm. What genre do I write? Good question. I’ve always said I write Romantic Adventures with an Internationalflair and for the most part, that’s true. I love to travel so a lot of my stories incorporate places I’ve been. I have to say I write romance but I can’t say contemporary or historical or paranormal because I do them all. I’m a bit all over the map. I have 15 contemporary stories out, 6 historical, and 3 paranormal. I also have two other paranormals that are out of print since the publisher went under and I hope to get those back out soon.
MVF:  I love that you write all sorts of genres! Because one never gets bored.

What are you working on now? (Give a blurb if you can)
JC: In October, I finished the first draft of a story where the hero was a rock star and the heroine a blood spatter analyst.  It’s obviously a contemporary, LOL.  November is National Novel writing month and so I’ve just started that and as a pantser, I have no idea how to give you a blurb at this time. I can share the name though. It’s called Rex, the Ex and the Hex.
MVF: I’ve been watching you write this…I must ask; does Rex get his just desserts? *grin*
JC: Rex definitely gets what’s coming to him. He’s a very deserving fellow like that. J
MVF: Excellent—I sense some very fun hijinks…

You went to Southern Magic Reader's Luncheon; what was one of the best things about it?
JC: The absolute best thing about the luncheon of course was the readers. I love to connect with them and visit to learn what they’re interested in reading. I also adore seeing my author friends. It’s always a good time when we get in a room together.
MVF: It is so much fun—and look, I have a picture right here…
I'm the one in front, behind me, is author Ginny Lynn (red hair), center,  author Katherine Bone, and Author Jillian Chantel--this is taken at the Southern Magic Readers Luncheon.

Let’s talk about some of your new books—Tell us about them!
JC: My most recent release was October 30 and it is called The Size of the Scandal. It’s a Regency-set Christmas story and I absolutely adore the heroine. She’s pert and sassy and as my mamma says, “She’s a mess in this world”- the heroine is a tall woman who failed in her first season as she towered over all the men and no one wanted to court her. She learns her father has betrothed her to a friend of her brother’s who she hasn’t seen in many years and the last time she saw him, he was so short his nickname was Stubby. Frantic not to marry him, she runs away. Then the story starts.
MVF: I have it on good authority it is quite the delightful story! Perfect for the Holidays!  (I love reading historicals)

  I also have a release that came out in November that’s a contemporary Thanksgiving tale and iscalled Thanks for Giving. It’s a weekend read from my publisher which means it is under 10,000 words and can be read in one sitting. Just long enough for your Thanksgiving pie to bake with this one.

This story is dear to my heart as I have the heroine becoming a bone marrow donor. I have been on the donor list since the 1990s as I was tested for a friend’s daughter who had leukemia. I wasn’t a match for her but I stand ready to go if needed.
MVF: This is fabulous; it is rare to have a Thanksgiving story so I love this. What a fabulous idea.

Writing:  What is your process as in: do you plot it all out? Wing it? Write furiously until the end?
JC: My writing process is to wing it most all the way. I have started stories with one sentence and went from there and I have started stories with a few character sketches but it always seems to come together. Once I’m pretty deep into it, I get the last few chapters and so I make notes on where it’s going but I always, always deviate from that.
MVF: See, this I envy. I enjoy hearing about how stories come organically to you.

 When do you write? A.m. or p.m. Do you write for long periods?
JC: I write in the evenings and weekends. Sometimes when things are going great guns, I write at lunch, too. I also write at lunch during NaNoWriMo because I’m obsessive about “Winning” it. LOL! Get out of my way in November, in other words
MVF: *nods* I shall just slide more coffee toward you and keep on walking---but I like your drive. I’m inspired.

 Do you listen to music when you write? If you do give us a link to one song, if not why?
JC: I don’t always listen to music when I write but when I do, I choose Dos Equus. No, wait, that’s not it.  I usually have a soundtrack to each novel (full length – not the short stories) and I immerse myself in those songs before I write. It plants ideas in my pantser head that I mine as I work the story. I continue to listen if I’m at the day job doing paperwork. It helps my process.  For the NaNo book, one of the songs is Your Love is Driving Me Crazy by Sammy Hagar.
MVF: I can relate to this! I usually have one song that is the “Theme” for my story. So glad you gave us this link! I like how you let your subconscious do the work.

You and I both share a love the A-team; what makes you love them? (Yeah, I just like talking about them)
JC: I do love the A-Team. I adored the TV show and the movie, too. I just adore the relationships between the men and the craziness of the storylines. Since I’m a big fan of having fun, the sheer lightheartedness of the show makes me happy.
MVF: I’m with you—I like it because nothing is impossible for them.
JC: Amen to that. I love that the impossible becomes possible with those dudes.
MVF: And we need to call them….

What are two of your current favorite T.V. Shows? Why?
JC: My two current favorite shows are (1) Grimm because I love the premise of a lot of other species walking around the Earth causing havoc. Now, mind you, if this was true, I’d be the first to go into hiding but on the show, watching the hot Nick fighting them, yeah, I’ll take that.  And (2) Forever. This one is new this year and man, I am enjoying looking at that dude, too.  I also like the smartness of the episodes and again, the premise of a man who had lived for so long is intriguing. Reminds me a bit of that old show The Highlander (well, except for that whole chopping off heads thing).
MVF: I *adore* Grimm, one of my favorite shows too. The characters are so interesting. And I started watching Forever, but *of course* they canceled it.  *sigh* I should know better than to watch it the first season…just like Almost Human. (I loved Highlander, but never did get to watch the series—I know, crazy).
JC: Girl! Get thyself to Netflix or wherever and watch that series. The hero is divine and you will love, love him.
MVF:  I do…*hangs head* I just need like a two week reason to do so….

Finally-- Wine, Tea, Coffee, water, or something else--what is your favorite drink.
JC: My favorite drink is tea. The unsweet variety. I’m not a fan of sugar drinks at all since they only make me thirstier
MVF: *nods* I love unsweet too--!

Thank you so much for stopping by, I hope you come by again!

So everyone;  do you like Holiday stories? Why or why not?

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