Thursday, October 30, 2014

Reader's Luncheon Prep

I should be talking about Halloween. I love it. The pumpkins, scary things... the mystery. But what I am looking forward to occurs on November 1, 2014 in Birmingham, Alabama on Saturday the day after Halloween. It is the  Southern Magic Reader's Luncheon.  One of my favorite events. We always have interesting people who speak--better yet, I get to meet with readers and give stuff away!

So, I thought I'd share with you what I am actually giving away--and next week, I'll show you who won it.

First things first, all authors will give away a basket. I started collecting for this basket months ago and I STILL wish I could add more.
 This basket has a bit of everything-- a fuzzy spiderweb throw, wine, coffee, chocolate, a book; all things that touch on my Hidden Races Series. Such as a candle that represents the fire elemental I am writing about. This is just the door prize. There is more...
This is what I am giving to those who sit at my table. Yes. That is Vodka. *nods* There is a reason for it, not because I think people will need to drink heavily-but because my hero Mikhail in book one, INCANDESCENT, is Russian and this what he likes. Lots of fun things--chocolate--pens, and I'll take pictures who gets this one too!

What are you doing this Saturday? I hope to see you there. :)  If not-- may it be a day full of fun!

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