Monday, September 8, 2014

Creativity vs. Business with Author Lucy Lit

Today I have the lovely author Lucy Lit visiting. She writes contemporary--timeless mature romance (I love her website). Today she is sharing with me how she deals with the balance of creativity and
Author Lucy Lit

How do you keep your creativity strong while dealing with the business side of writing?
LL: Keeping creativity strong while dealing with business stuff -- Hasn't been much of an issue for me. I've been a biz consultant for 25 years so I'm used to the compartment mentality. I tend to plan out biz tasks - get them over with - so I can get to the fun stuff with the MS. Taxes & financial tasks are second nature.

I have to watch that I don't get overwhelmed or frustrated with the technical side regarding website, etc. since I'm such a dinosaur and SUCK at it. Don't understand Facemag and Twitland at all - don't know what I'm doing and terrified of being one of THOSE ignorant authors, you know?

If that frustration takes over, it depresses me which affects my mood for actual writing. Wine, chocolate and a pity party helps.
MVF: I like how you can compartmentalize and get the job done. A good way of looking at it, and if it’s any consolation, social media is a constant mystification to me as well.

When time is limited how do you find or carve out time to get things done?
LL: Carving out time - I'm fortunate to be able to focus on my writing full time. Kids are grown, my Garage Guy doesn't mind frozen pizza for dinner (or he makes his own) and he's taken over the housework (except laundry - no. *shudder*)

We made the joint decision to give my writing a try for a full year and see how it goes. So I tabled my consulting business and he supports my efforts. And he *tries* to stay out of my way when I'm on the
Chocolate the writer's support....
laptop with the ear buds in
MVF: This is lovely!! I like you are able to try this for a year and it’s good motivation.

Everyone hits a block in writing or creating; how do you get through or solve it?
LL: Writer's block - free writing, daydreaming, chocolate, phone calls to my content editor (also a good friend) who bitch slaps me, more free writing. Wine or something stronger when all else fails. I've only been writing for a year so it hasn't happened often. Sucks when it does, though.
MVF: What I’m seeing—is free writing.. *grin* I like how you just keep moving on.  And it does suck when you hit a wall. 

Here’s to great things happening with your writing and you can find out more about her here:  Lucy Lit.

I hope you stop by again!
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