Monday, August 25, 2014

Creativity Vs. Business with Author Anastasia Vitsky

Today I am pleased to have on my blog, the most gracious Anastasia Vitsky (Ana). She writes  primarily F/F spanking fiction, and is a wicked baker, (I swear if see her talking about cookies, you will want to bake-no questions asked).  

One day I will make Biscotti...
She like the rest of us life and whatnot which seeks to impose itself on our writing has some wonderful things to say about Creativity vs. Business: 

How do you keep your creativity strong while dealing with the business side of writing?
AV: I adore organizing events, giving away prizes, and getting people excited. The excitement carries over into my own writing. Ana's Advent Calendar in December has become a huge community event where people from all faiths and walks of life can come together for conversation, fun, and fellowship. I also do story extravaganzas three times a year where publishers and organizations sponsor approximately fifteen authors. We put out free stories, draw for prizes, and meet new readers. It can be hard to balance these kinds of events with my own writing deadlines, but the energy flows back and forth. 
MVF: That Advent Calender sounds fabulous--and I can attest your enthusiasm and fun spills over and affects all. I like how you get everyone involved and how it fuels you. 

When time is limited how do you find or carve out time to get things done?
AV: I drop promo. It may not be the right thing to do, but the stories I write call upon my well of creativity and energy. Without that, I might as well work a 9-5 job with benefits and a steady income. I clear my head of the political games, schmoozing, and inevitable bureaucracy of playing well with others. Always, I go back to my stories and write. 
MVF: This is interesting--and very difficult. This takes dedication and I think I need to learn to do more of this.

Everyone hits a block in writing or creating; how do you get through or solve it? 
AV: Whenever I get stumped for focus (ideas always run aplenty), I go to my favorite all-night diner, stake out a booth, order a meal, and write like a dervish. Sinking my teeth into a good story always revives my creative juices.
MVF: I like this idea as well; and something I may try one day. I can see it now; the dark streets outside, the dim light (just assuming), the endless cup of coffee..... awesome.

Thank you Anastasia for stopping by and sharing your tips!  You can find her website/blog and books here:  Anastasia Vitsky.   Here is her facebook link (she is so much fun!):  Anastasia's FB

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