Sunday, July 20, 2014

*late* Writing Challenge update and How does one carve out time to write?

This has been a week filled with edits (for me) and my fellow writers have had to put up with delays, promises to get things done, and not delivering. This includes my family who made do with whatever I could find; so maybe we had sandwiches once too many.

Good news cannot be quelled; and I here to report everyone is doing fabulously!! (I'm highly impressed). Plus--I asked all of them--how do they find time to write?

Callie James:
Callie James
How did you do this week?
CJ: Edits! My book Innocent released this week.
MVF: Yay!! congrats!

When time is limited how do you find or carve out time to get things done?
CJ: I discovered the hard way that I need a balance to stay sane. Even though writing is a main priority, it’s often the last thing I do each day. I learned if I clear away other distractions by finishing those first, I’m much more productive when I write. Luckily, I’m on my own deadlines, so I can be flexible in this area. Yet one more perk of self-publishing
MVF: sane an option? *grin*

Katherine Bone
Katherine Bone:
How did you do this week?
Since we last spoke I've written 700 words for a total 2,800. Chapter 5 has been a pain to get through.
MVF: Which is epic!
When time is limited how do you find or carve out time to get things done?
KB: There be only one way to skin a whale, m'lady. You have to go in there and get your hands covered with oil. In landlubber terms, that be doing what you have to do even when you don't want to do it or you don't have time to do it. We all have 24 hours in a day, right? We have to be square with how we spend our time. Dividing our day between family and work can be a real challenge at times, but them what's driven to succeed will find a way. Keep your eyes on the prize at all times!
MVF: Exactly--eye on the prize (and skinning whales sounds messy)

Ingrid Seymour:
How did you do this week?
Ingrid Seymour
IS:I was on a roll for a bit there, but edits for other projects and the day job have gotten in the way. This time around I have 9,176 of my 25,000 goal. I should have over 12k by now, but alas! I'm trying to catch up, though :)
MVF: You can do it!
When time is limited how do you find or carve out time to get things done?
ISIt is weird, I never thought about it, but carving out time sounds wrong to me. I don’t feel like I make time to write. It’s more like most other things get in the way of that main purpose. My job and chores, for sure :) I crave for those moments in my routine that allow me to sit down with my computer and write. I rarely want to do anything else. Sometimes I’m tempted to watch a favorite TV show or just go to sleep early. But most of the time, I’m eager to get to my WIP!!
MVF: I understand this feeling!
IS: I think having a well-established routine at work and at home helps me a lot. I know exactly at what times my schedule will be open to write, and I eagerly wait for them to arrive.
MVF: I love it when a plan comes together!

D.B. Sieders
How did you do this week?
DBS: I squeaked by with another 2K - total of 5K! Let's see how far I get before the Outlander premier...
MVF: oh my ... Outlander.... jealous. 
When time is limited how do you find or carve out time to get things done?
DBS: Oh dear, sleep is usually the first thing to go for a few nights a week. I've also taken up short writing sprints, something I picked up at a workshop during the 2014 Arizona Dreamin' conference. Led by a very charismatic author named V.S. Nelson, she took us through a series of exercises tailored for 15 minute sprints followed by 5-10 minutes of other activities while planning the next scene. At the conference, the other activities were stretching and chatting with our fellow attendees, but is easily adapted to a busy day full of multi-tasking - e.g. laundry, dishes, dinner prep, break during the workday. This approach has been working well for me over the past month. 
MVF: oooh, you know I need to ask you more about this. *note to self* Have a blog post about this soon....

D.T. Krippene
How did you do this week?
DTK: I finally broke through the 20K arctic ice cap and added 2500 this week on the new project.  I’m shooting to triple that be Sunday (famous last words), 
MVF: Yay!! I bet you'll go beyond that. 

When time is limited how do you find or carve out time to get things done?

DTK:  Every writer’s dilemma, balancing work, life, chores, kids. I couldn’t get much quality work done when I worked.  I’m lucky to be retired and kids flown the coup. I am in awe of those who work and raise a family and still find a way to create.  For me, I write in the morning, when the brain is freshly recharged, coffee is in the veins, and distractions are fewer.  I save everything else for later. 
MVF: I like that as well--writing in the morning. What I admire, no matter what-- you kept your dream alive. 
Tanisha Jones

How did you do this week:
TJ:  I have completed edits on my current WIP  so I'm up to  27710 words total- 400 this week  14600 to my goal. But I started another project and so far that is 5026 words. Maybe I can keep myself on track now.  Maybe. If I don't get distrac ...Oooh Defiance is on.  
MVF: Yes! awesome job! and oh, Defiance...wickedly addictive.
When time is limited how do you find or carve out time to get things done?
TJMy time is always limited, I mean single mom, full time job, full time student- I make time. I make sure that I write an hour a night before I go to sleep.  Order and organization are the only way that I can focus.
MVF: This is good--(note: order and organization....must find this..)


Moriah Densley
How did you do this week?:
MD: Oh dear. Is it that time already? I should memorize what day we report so I can make sure to have something clever to  report. Or at least... something better than the 1k I have now. Will do more over the weekend when the homework lets up :)
MVF: Go you! (She's back in school, but no worries...I have her email. *evil grin*)

 When time is limited how do you find or carve out time to get things done?
MVF: I'm answering for her--she writes late at night AND she is a truly committed person, she doesn't do anything half way! 

M.V. Freeman
How did you do this week?
MVF: Well, this is dicey--I am in the middle of edits with book 1, due to be re-released. I've written maybe another 2k on it. (Be afraid). Otherwise, not as much as I like, but I'm getting there. 
When time is limited how do you find or carve out time to get things done?
MVF: Extortion. (not really). I sit down and write/edit when I can. Depending on what day job/family needs; I open my manuscript at least once a day. Sometimes I write 1000 words, sometimes 10. But I find I have to make time, as in, cancel things that are not important--and do it. No one can do it for you. (Late night writing sometimes, or early morning). I figure if I want it bad enough, I'll get it done.

 How is your writing? or Projects going? Let us know.  Remember there is a giveaway at the end of this Challenge--it's going to be fun, so stay tuned!

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