Wednesday, July 2, 2014

July Writer's Challenge: See Who Accepted!

I had so much fun last time, I felt it was time to issue another Writer Challenge---and the winners are the readers!  This time around we a few new Authors—and some you may already know. We state our challenges and at the end; if we didn’t make it—there are bad pictures from the past and prizes. If we DO make the goals—there are just prizes to be awarded on August 3rd!

Who is willing to accept the challenge? Let me introduce them.

Callie James, Author
Callie James:  Young Adult Author 

Goal:  2-5k written per week

Prizes: 3 Signed Copies of  each:  STUDENT BODYGUARD, and INNOCENT. 

Open to: U.S., Canada, and Great Britain.

Did you know Callie has rescue Bunnies? Things like this which fascinate me! Plus, she can write like the wind.

Katherine Bone, Author

Goal: 10k written 

Prizes: $25 Amazon Gift Card

Open to: International

There will be Pirates, and the boarding of ships on this adventure! Maybe Captain Jack will make an appearance. You never know, he is a wiley one....

Ingrid Seymour, Author

Goal: 25k written 

Prizes: A print copy of KEEPER 

Open to: U.S. only 


Now she is a fascinating woman, who speaks and writes in two languages! (I’m in awe!) She also cooks. (I am so getting some recipes from her)


Goal: Instead of a word count---she plans to finish one of her projects under revision. It could be 15k written or less. 

Prizes: $20 Starbucks gift card 

Open to:  U.S.

Last time she shared pictures from back in the day---Prom! (But she rocked it!) This time, I think she’s going to blow us out of the water.

D.T. Krippene, Author

D.T. Krippene:  Young Adult/NewAdult Dystopian Author

: 15k written 

Prizes: $20 Amazon gift card

Open to: U.S.& where accepted

Website/Blog:  D.T. Krippene

He is sharp, focused, and a has muse who shows up at a whim, bottle of some spirit and disappears. But she always comes home…

Tanisha Jones, Author

Goal: Complete 6 chapters by August 1 (at least 15k)

Prize: $20 gift card 

Open to: U.S. 

She writes best when there are people and noise around her. (I consider this a superpower).

Moriah Densley:  Historical Author

Goal: Finish the Book!!

Prize: Jewelry, Hand made!
Open to: International

 She is probably one of the hardest working people I know, when she sits down to write--it flows. She also plays violin....(Yes, I am envious)  

Goal: 10k written (more if I can), finish edits for first book in a timely manner. 

Prize: $20 gift card (Amazon)

Open to: Whoever can accept it.


I’m armed with Coffee, Tea, chocolate, and a sense of panic; this ought to get things done!

Do you think we can do it? I believe we can and no matter what—everybody wins. (Especially my editor, wait she may panic.)


  1. good luck to all! Write on!!

    1. Jillian--
      Next time I am going to see if you can join! and thank you!

  2. Best of luck, all! Great way to do this! I have a book to finish and a book to edit, so I will be joining you in spirit! (Would love to join you on another of these--not August, but if you do one in the fall. Dana knows how to find me)

    1. Hart--I would LOVE for you to join us! Next time for sure! I'll put a call out and keep you in mind. So glad you are going to do it in spirit!!!! ;)

  3. I'm uber excited about doing this challenge again! Thanks for the invite, M.V.! Life is about challenging ourselves, working harder, stronger, faster... Yes, we can rebuild him! Oh, sorry. I got carried away. LOL!!!

    1. Katherine---the Million Dollar man--- awesome! Lets do this! :)

  4. Best wishes to you all!!