Monday, June 23, 2014

Creativity VS. Business; Speaking with Pamela Mason!

Author, Business Owner; Pamela Mason

Today I’m kicking off a series about Creativity VS. Business, I am asking authors, voice artists, photographers, actors, and anyone who engages in creativity for a living how one balances it to move forward.  The stories have to be written, the project has to get done—then there is the marketing, contracts…. who doesn't need help or ideas to survive it all? I know I do.

I am speaking with Pamela Mason writer and owner of Writer Mason Productions an online promotion for Romance writers. She’s upbeat, energetic and is a great source of inspiration for myself and other writers. She’s the perfect person to kick of this ongoing series.

Welcome Pamela! 

How do you keep your creativity strong while dealing with the business side of writing?

PM: Since I deal with the business side frequently, I keep creativity strong consistently talking to myself with story lines and doing other things unrelated to writing; painting furniture,
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redecorating, re-purposing. I know, boring domestic stuff.  And I work out every day, a different workout. When my mind zones out because of physical effort the other distractions clear.

MVF: I’m a believer in having other outlets besides writing—and working out every day—wow! But it helps! So I cheer you!

When time is limited how do you find or carve out time to get things done?

P.M.: I do everything simultaneously, multi-tasker extraordinaire.

MVF: *shakes head* I can do some things like that—but I can’t keep it up. I am in awe of anyone who can do this.

Everyone hits a block in writing or creating; how do you get through it or solve it?

P.M.: When you find the answer to this one I want to know.

MVF:  I keep hoping there is a magic formula, you know like some pattern, or solution. But I am beginning to think it's a matter of keep on moving forward.

You can find Pamela on:   Facebook  or at her Website

Thank you Pamela for sharing your methods—and may the words keep flowing!


  1. Thank you for having me! That was fun - and I might add, painless.

    1. Pamela-- I aim for painless--and you are fabulous!

  2. All great tips Pamela! I am in awe of you and your business savvy :) Will need to hire you again one day. Great blog, M.V. :D

    1. Thanks Kellie (Pamela awes me too!)!

  3. Thank you Kellie! What a great compliment, coming from you.