Friday, May 23, 2014

Five Authors-One Challenge: Results and G*veaway!!

Today is the day---

How have we done with our fabulous writing challenge?

Was there celebrations? Did we make the goals we set ourselves....

We did not make it.

But--there is no gnashing of teeth; we did write. It's better than NOT writing. This is not something we failed at, but we didn't succeed completely. But you know what--that's all right--because we are going to continue to keep moving forward. And we are going to celebrate our tenacity and not meeting the deadlines with GIFTS!  (More Info below)

Part of the price was to post photos from the past: Good, bad, and....different. Take a look. 

<------------Let's start with our first Contestant:
Moriah Densley. 
Goal: Finish her Third book in a series.  
Final outcome:  She came in at 6k written.
Her Giveaway: a Pearl Bracelet to some lucky Commentator (and she'll ship anywhere!)--and a photo!


  Here she is playing the flute it looks like...

But there has to be something else...
a childhood scene.... Don't we ALL  have one of those? :)

What childhood embarrassing moment is caught in a photo or film? Would you share it?! --the telling of it, you don't have to share a photo.  (I'm too chicken to)

Second Player in this Game: --------------->
Katherine Bone
Goal:  Write 20k on her book.
Final outcome: 8k written
Her Giveaway: A $25 Amazon Card.

<--Blast from the past back in the eighties!
Now that is cool!

But there is more, lets see what her reaction is the first time she got an acceptance letter for her book shall we?

I'm sort of evil. I like showing her while she is at the hairdressers.

One of things I like about looking at photos of the past--we don't look nearly as bad (all right sometimes) as we thought. Plus what we thought was cool (perms) is perhaps not so cool anymore....

Did you have a perm? (Yeah, I did...)

<------------The third Contestant in this lovely challenge:
D.B. Seiders 
Goal: 20K on her story
Final outcome: Wrote 16,909 (yay!)
Her Giveaway$20 Starbucks gift card.  (If you know me at all, this is the one thing I covet... Coffee.)

D.B. has some lovely pictures! I adore her childhood one. I remember when they would position kids like this to take photos--she is adorable!

Here is her prom picture. Awesome! (I am justified with my assumption earlier I am right *everyone* had perms back then).  Personally, I think the dress is wonderful and different. I love the colors!

Did you go to prom?  If you did--what did you wear? If you didn't what did you do instead? (I don't remember, I'd like to say I sat on the couch and ate ice-cream or maybe I went to the movies..)

The fourth player of this challenge:--------------->
D.T. Krippene
Goal:  To write 20K
Final outcome: He wrote 16.5k on one project and 2.5 on another which brought it up to: 19k total. (only 1000 words away!)
His Giveaway:  A $20.00 Amazon gift card.

He is world traveler, with acerbic wit and observations. I always enjoy correspondence from him; especially when his muse shows up (She can be scary!)

This is a cool photo and here is what he says about it:
"Here’s young Peace Corps volunteer on the Island of Panay, Philippines, as a Fisheries Biologist, with his cool jeep."

I have to agree-- I love that jeep!  What car did you have that you thought was or is cool?  (Me, I've always been partial to my Baby Toyota Car--) 

The final Contestant who wrote the least, Me.------------------->
M.V. Freeman
Goal:  Write 20k
Final outcome: Wrote 5k
My Giveaway: $20.00 Amazon Gift card

Seriously this was one interesting challenge, I was sure I could do it, but I didn't account for a few things. But that is my fault.

Now--here is my contribution to the throwback photos...lets see what you think. 

I was rocking the blouse and the flat hairstyle (I think it had a "feather" in it. You remember that term?). I always wanted Farrah Fawcets hair style and body. I had neither.


Did you ever try to look like someone famous? (c'mon, we all try once).

We are now at the end of the follow up. Thank you everyone for participating. I am going to start another one up at the end of June, and I am hoping to attract more authors to it. At the end; the same result with prizes for those who comment. Part of celebrating for me is to share with others.

So here is how the Giveaway is going to go:
  • We have five gifts, and if you notice there are questions through out the blog post. If you answer each questions (I'll post them here again) you get your name put in for each one (could have your name in the hat FIVE times). *yes* this means you could win more than one thing.
  •  If you only answer one question, you only get your name in once.  Everyone is eligible who can accept the gift cards. NOTE: Starbucks card gets mailed within the continental U.S. only.
  •  *PLEASE* Give me an email I can contact you with such as:  name at yahoo dot com. Because I really need to contact you.  
  • Names will be drawn on Monday, May 26th, 2014. (D.T. is going out of town, BUT he will send his gift to the winner upon his return a week later).  GOOD LUCK
  • Prizes: 1 Pearl Bracelet, 1 $25 Amazon Card, 1 $20 Starbucks Card, 1 $20 Amazon Card, 1 $20 Amazon card.
  • Question recap:
  1. What childhood embarrassing moment is caught in a photo or film? Would you share it?! --the telling of it, you don't have to share a photo.
  2.  Did you have a perm? 
  3.  Did you go to prom?  If you did--what did you wear? If you didn't what did you do instead?
  4.  I have to agree-- I love that jeep!  What car did you have that you thought was or is cool?
  5. Did you ever try to look like someone famous? 

Add And the final photo is my contribution to the world of Perm. Yes, I told you I had one as well. What can I say. It grew on me *snort*. (It actually looks like a poodle died for that style.) I still have this jean jacket too...  


  1. What childhood embarrassing moment is caught in a photo or film? I flew under the radar. I don't think any are caught on film unless you call the hole in my pajamas.

    Did you have a perm? Yes, the Devoted Hubby calls it my "Poodle Look"

    Did you go to prom? Yes
    If you did--what did you wear?A hideous yellow dress that I made myself. Which if anyone knows me...I can't sew. I'm lucky it didn't fall apart.

    What car did you have that you thought was or is cool? I was supposed to get my Dad's 1971 pale yellow VW bug. He traveled throughout Germany and had stickers from the various states on it. I WANTED THAT CAR. Unfortunately, he wrecked it and I ended up with my Mom's 1974 Dodge Dart, the ultimate Mom-mobile. And I was 21. :( My favorite car is my current car a 2001 Honda Accord with a Wicked Witch tag on the front. Men love to comment on my tag.

    Did you ever try to look like someone famous? I had the Dorothy Hamil haircut in high school :P

    --Nancy H. (and M.V., you have my email at, you're reading my 1st 2 chapters lol) I had to post as "anonymous" because I'm social media inept!

    1. Nancy--I totally owe you a coffee! :) Just know this!

  2. Okay, this doesn't count as a entry, because it's me, but I just wanted to give a BIG shout out to M.V. for setting this challenge up and taking care of the posting and admin business, and to my fellow authors for all of the support and good vibes during this challenge. I owe my 16K+ words to you folks!

    And yes, I totally rocked a perm back in the day. It was all the rage in the 80s, and I think M.V. looks pretty fabulous with hers :)

    1. Thank you Dana--it was a pleasure to have you in this competition! It (you and everyone) inspired me! :)

  3. Am I seriously the FIRST ONE to comment???
    Definitely the Jamaican Me Happy ...
    Okay, here goes:
    1. When I was little (like, 4) I would put on my brother's football helmet, my sister's clothes, and hide under the kitchen sink. I hit alot when I was 4 - mostly in kitchen cabinets. Why?
    2. Not only did I have a perm, I had an ...
    ASSYMETRICAL haircut! Yes, I was avant garde - not!
    3. My school did not have proms. We had Winter and Spring Formals, and I only went to one. Which was totally awful, because my mother made me wear a used bridesmaid's dress bought at a thrift store, my date was a fixer-upper (in every sense of the word!), and the parental warning before we left: "Remember now, she's precious cargo." Aaaaargghhhh....! I'm scarred!
    4. My cool car was a Honda Civic with headlights that flipped up. Way cool. Way totalled when I flipped it on a curvy two lane road.... *sniff* I've been cursed with minivans ever since.
    5. I have a famous person's name, but I've never tried to look like a famous... WAIT! I just remembered! I dressed like Princess Di in a lookalike navy satin ballgown for a costume party once! Does that count?

    1. Pamela-- you get some tea for posting -- and I didn't see it til' now.
      Thank you for responding (and oh! A Honda Civic--that was our first car--I have a soft spot for it)

  4. I'm testing this because people have been having a problem posting comments. My apologies if this continues. I'll keep working on it!

  5. It's been so much fun watching all your updates, and this last one was a hoot! I could relate to so many of your postings.
    I know I had many childhood embarrassing moments, but luckily I don't think any of them were captured on film. (And my dad took lots of photos!)
    I had a perm when I was about six. It made me look like Shirley Temple and I begged my mom never to make me go through that again. I have natural curls in my hair and didn't need the extras!
    I went to prom with a guy that was about 5'4". I was 6'. (Since then I've shrunk two inches. Ah...age.) I wore a dress that my mom made out of green, plush velvet. The dress later became the liner of my guitar case.
    My coolest car was one I had when I was first married. It was a 1980 TransAm special edition. I wish I still had that car!
    And last but not least...I, too, wanted the Farrah Fawcett hairdo. In fact, I got my hair cut last night and told the hairdresser that was how I wanted it cut. She didn't have a clue as to who I was talking about.'s the age thing!
    Thank you for the fun trip down memory lane. I wish you all lots of writing success!!
    Jeanne Hardt

    1. Jeanne! Thank you so much for stopping by!!! I love that you had a Scarlett O'Hara thing going with your prom dress. I think that was a sign of things to come ;)

    2. Hi, Jeanne. I too had a velvet prom dress. I thought I was stylin... along with my BIG hair. haha gotta love it. Glad you stopped by - thanks for commenting.

  6. Very cool challenge and post! I am digging the hair at the end, my friend!
    1. No embarrassing moments on film- thank goodness
    2. I had too man perms to count. I was glad when (in my 30s) someone told me that one of my best features was my hair- totally shock and I never permed again!!
    3. I went to two proms- in retrospect, both dresses were hideous. One was yellow and one was pink
    4. I had a Ford Granada with a 3 on the column. I loved that car- people had no idea it was a manual shift since I was SUCH a Smooooth driver.
    5. I had long, straight hair to the small of my back and dressed as Cher for Halloween one year.
    This was super fun. Don't enter me in the contests as I'd rather readers win than your old pal here.

    1. Hi Jillian!!
      Ha! Those perms.... what can I say...we all tried them once or twice. :)
      And a Ford Grenada! My parents had two (automatics) very reliable cars. Remind me one day to share the story of why I never learned to drive a stick shift/manual when next we meet. :) heck now I will have to blog about it..

    2. Hey there, Jillian! Glad you visited. I'm impressed you can drive a stick shift. That's super hot :D haha I hope you post a picture of this cool car on Facebook...

    3. Moriah, I will have to look to see if I have one- maybe a throwback Thursday. And I love a stick shift. :)
      Yep, I need to hear that story, Mary!

  7. 1. Embarrassing moment caught on film/in pictures Let's see, there are any number of really bad hair cuts and outfits stretching across 5 decades. The 70's being the worst.
    2. Yes, I had a perm. The Devoted Hubby still calls it my "poodle look" Seriously, not even the great Barbra Streisand could pull it off, why did I think I could?
    3. One prom, one unfortunate dress. The 70s weren't kind to me
    4. My current car (2001 Honda Accord) has a Wicked Witch tag that always gets attention, especially from the men. When questioned, I generally tell them it's misspelled.
    5. I had the Dorothy Hamil haircut. Did I mention how bad the 70s were for me?
    Nurse Nancy H (you have my email addy)

    1. Anonymous Nancy, I know who you are...:)
      Ahhhhh so your parents took pictures... epic! The 70's were not kind to me either... and awesome about your car- love it!!! Glad you stopped by!

    2. Hi, Nancy. The 80s were not brilliant for me, so I feel your pain. So many bad pictures, so few writing contests to flunk... haha. Glad you stopped by.

  8. Hi Jeanne so glad you stopped by!
    I'm glad I wasn't the only one who wanted to look like Farrah! And those perms... sigh. I have to add; I am very envious you are 6' ( I'm going to pretend we don't shrink!)

    *waves to Dana* I have to say again I loved your prom dress.. :)

  9. Oh so darling Moriah gave a tip on this one had to check it out and to my delight also saw my Captain on her too Katherine so cute she was so answers to the challenges
    1. Embarrassing moment is my sister and I have the most dirtiest faces after a night of trick or treat do not think it was all chocolate think some had to been make up cant rightly tell thanks to black and white.
    2. Perms you bet still get them on occasion spiral one that is have long hair like tighter
    3.The prom went 2 times my jr year and sr year since it was the 70's dresses were still pretty fancy similar to plantation dresses without all the hoops
    4. fav car was 71 barracuda and now it is 91 240 sx Nissan my daughter says second child hood when I got it.
    5. Remember when Charlie's Angels came on we all had to have that do that is the only time remember mimic someone on tv since am from growing up in 60's and 70's rebellious is what most strived for ha ha.
    Thanks all for the nice pics and sharing with us

    1. Yay! I'm so glad you answered, Denise! The Barracuda was awesome. And I got perms twice a year like it was a religion. Big hair... Good luck in the giveaways!

    2. Hi Denise, so glad you stopped by-- I had to chuckle about Charlie's Angels-- that truly was an iconic show. That and Starkey &Hutch (I didn't want their hair...) & Cagney &Lacey.....

      Moriah--- perms twice a year... wow!!! *grin*

    3. Congrats on winning me prize, Lady Denise!!! Woot!!!

  10. What a fun challenge.... Here's my answers.
    What childhood embarrassing moment is caught in a photo or film? Would you share it?! --the telling of it, you don't have to share a photo. I have a picture with Santa where I'm sure he's the devil. :)

    Did you have a perm? No need. I have naturally curly hair... which I hated.
    Did you go to prom? If you did--what did you wear? If you didn't what did you do instead? I think we skipped out and went trolling the mall instead. I had a Laura Ashberry knock off, all white and summery.

    I have to agree-- I love that jeep! What car did you have that you thought was or is cool?
    My 1969 GTO - white with a black leather top and red interior. That car was hot!

    Did you ever try to look like someone famous? I always wanted a Hamel Camel... but again, curly hair...

    1. Lynn! So lovely to see you here - thanks for sharing your stories. I feel you on the curly hair thing. In the dark days before product and straighteners, I could never have the Marcia Brady locks of glory. Good luck!

  11. Hi Lynn!!,
    Oh my gosh-- the car sounds amazing...! And I forgot about Dorothy Hamel!!
    Funny what we so loved when we were young. :)

  12. Every day when I came home from vacation bible school, my mother would film me getting off the bus and I would act like I was on a cat walk and pose. I was only 6, but I could work it. She put all of the super 8 films on DVD and my family loves to show those on holidays.

    Yes, I did the poodle frizz perm, for about a week, then I cut it into a very short pixie.

    We skipped the prom and went straight to the after party. I was one of THOSE girls.

    My first car was a 1962 AMC Rebel nicknamed the Blue Bomb. Everybody who was anybody signed or painted on that car. If your name or tag wasn't somewhere on that car, you were definitely NOT in the right crowd. It did of course draw the eye of many a police officer. Ah, the life of a high schooler.

    I did play on my resemblance to Pat Benatar back in the 80's. Thus the pixie cut. I pulled it off quite nicely.

    blueshedevil32 (at) gmail (dot) com

    1. Hi Sebella!
      So fun with your mom taping your walk--!
      Now, I am envious about you being able to have a pixie cut-- I have a big ol' head and it never looked right ( always liked pat Benatar)
      Really cool about your car and how every one signed it-- that's the way to make it your own!
      Thanks for stopping by! & good luck!

  13. Tonight I announce the winners!!

  14. Here are the winners! I will send out verification emails tomorrow!
    1. Pearl Bracelet from Moriah--Sebella
    2. $ 20 Starbucks card from D.B.-- Nancy
    3. $25 Amazon card From Katherine-- Denise
    4. $20 Amazon card From D.T.---Jeanne
    5. $20 Amazon card From Mary --Lynn

    Thanks all!!!!

  15. Thank you so much!!!!!!!--Nancy