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Chatting With The Fabulous Naima Simone about her New Book: Secrets and Sins: Raphael

Naima Simone

Today I am talking Naima Simone. If you’ve never met her, I hope you do. She’s full of energy and vitality and when she walks into a room she owns it! She has an amazing ability to inspire and write some amazing stories. It’s my pleasure to have her here.  She’s currently President of the SouthernMagic, RWA chapter in Birmingham—and doing a fabulous job at it.  Please join me in welcoming her!
NS: *glancing over one shoulder then the other* Who is this awesome person you just introduced? Where is she? And can I love her, and squeeze her, and keep her for my very own? LOL! M.V. I wish I could just bottle you up and pop you open for daily doses of ego boosters. You’re so awesome, and thank you for that. You’re check is in the mail…
MVF: *grin* I call it like I see it…(and Naima the welcome speaker at the Luncheon!) You know, I think I need to start doing video interviews….

Tell us about this book; what is the genre? Why did you choose to write this book?
NS: Hi, M.v.! And thank you for having me here today! My newest release is Secrets and Sins: Raphael, book 3 in the Secrets and Sins series from Entangled Publishing’s romantic suspense line, Ignite. When I first planned the series, which is about four men who are best friends and harbor a secret, I knew each hero man would have a book. So I had to set their personalities early on. And I have to confess, I looked forward to writing Raphael’s book because he’s a tattooed, pierced, and sarcastic bad boy who is also brilliant. I loved him from the first!
MVF:  I am so glad you came on my blog! You are always so much fun.  And now that you have described Raphael… I’m so with you, he sounds delicious…I mean delightful.
NS: LOLOL!! I heard that Freudian slip!
MVF: *Smiles innocently*

Lets talk to your hero and heroine, find out a bit about them:
HeroFavorite way to unwind – Watching the Die Hard movies…in order.
            Why does the Heroine frustrate you? – Have you seen her? All that cool, butter-wouldn’t-melt-in-my-mouth reserve. A real princess of the manor. And it’s all a lie. But trying to get past the ice maiden routine to the hot woman who f**ks a man silly in the backseat of his truck—the real, passionate, vulnerable woman—is frustrating as hell.
            What attracts you to her? – Again…have you seen her? Angelina Jolie meets that Kate woman who married the prince. Sex and class.
            What is your favorite car? (do you speed?) – A classic ‘69 Dodge Charger, and hells yes.
             What is your job? – Security specialist and resident hacker.
MVF:  I like him even more….

Heroine: Favorite way to unwind – Painting.  
                 Why does the hero frustrate you? Alphabetically? Attitude. Bossy. Complex. Defiant…do I need to go on?
                 What attracts you to him? – He’s everything I’m not supposed to want. Tattoos, piercings, blue collar instead of blue blood. But what really draws me to him? He’s honest. Blunt to the point of harsh and tactless? Yes. But so honest. As someone who’s used to living lies, it’s irresistible.
                What is your favorite car? (Do you have loud music?) - *Blink. Blink* Umm, the cute ones?
                What is your job? – Looking pretty. Or so I’ve been told for twenty-six years.
MVF: You know, I like her too—(and I feel the same way about cars, just sayin’)
NS: I knoooow, right? Does it go vroooom? My standards are shockingly low…
MVF: *laughing* For me I need reliable and good gas mileage (and if its red even better!)

SECRETS and SINS: Raphael
When Greer Addison finds her future husband in bed with another woman, she runs…right into the arms of dark and dangerous Raphael Marcel. Angry and hurt, she throws caution out the window and spends a hot night with the sexy security specialist. But when her fiancĂ© is found dead, Greer becomes the main suspect.

Raphael is stunned and suspicious when Greer shows up on his doorstep claiming she’s carrying his baby. Worse, she’s the target of a stalker bent on making her pay for a murder she doesn’t recall. As Raphael begins to trust Greer, they must race against the clock to uncover a killer. Because Greer’s memory is returning...

MVF: I love this blurb—and it sounds fun!
NS: Thank you! Entangled did a great job with the blurb. If it was up to me—who sucks at writing blurbs—it would’ve sounded like, Girl meets boy. Hot sex. Girl’s pregnant, goes to hero for protection. More hot sex. Girl’s stalked by psycho. More hot, oh-my-God-are-we-going-to-live-to-see-tomorrow sex. Boy saves girl. Aaand, guess what would come after that? Right. More hot sex. See? So not the same back cover blurb. J
MVF: I like yours! It’s to the point…but I see what you mean. Still…..

What was the easiest thing about writing this book?
 NS: That would have to be writing the hero, Raphael. I LOVED writing him. He’s rough around the edges, blunt, has a potty mouth, sarcastic, and funny. Even when he’s not trying to be. He’s also honorable, protective, and sexy as hell. Writing from his POV was a pure pleasure.
MVF: I adore it when characters do that—make it fun to write them!
NS: Too true!

You and I had a discussion about fear as we write each book--when did you realize this book needed to be written, and what was the hardest thing about writing this book?
NS: Like I mentioned earlier, I knew I would have to eventually write Raphael’s book. Doesn’t mean I didn’t have an “Oh S**t!” moment when I had to sit down and start it. I’d finished the 2nd book in the series, and when it came time to write Raphael’s book, I had this fear that I didn’t have anything left in me to make the story original, emotional, suspenseful, romantic, and just good. But still, I’d come that far in, I couldn’t not write it. The hardest part about writing Raphael was getting past my own self.
MVF: Isn’t that the truth? We fight ourselves more than we fight the book. Very good point. I need to remember this.

What is your favorite dessert?
NS: Oooh. An oreo blast from Sonic. Yuuuummmm.
MVF: I need one now. This moment…that sounds delish!
NS: They’re sooo worth that lifetime on the hips! LOL!
MVF: I need to go with you to DQ, no guilt!

It's getting warmer--what do you look forward to in the summer? What do you dread?
NS: Uh… I look forward to Fall and I dread spiders. Day-aam they were out in full force last summer! Like freakin Lord of the Rings full force!
MVF: Oh, I love the fall as well. And yes, Spiders are the enemy. I despise them…’s like they stalk you.
NS: No one can convince me that they’re not the spawn of Satan! Eight-legged, diabolical freaks!
MVF: *Nods* I’m prepping the flame thrower now….

One last thing—What are you working on now? Can you give us a description?
NS: Sigh. No, I don’t really want to talk about my current projects…said no author EVAH! LOL!! I’m currently working on the fourth and final book in the Secrets and Sins series. It centers around the last friend, Chayot Grey, a security specialist, who ends up protecting his next door neighbor—a famous concert pianist—from an obsessed fan. He’s the most tortured of the four—if you’ve read any of the books, then you understand why—so he was the most challenging to write, but I loved giving him his happily-ever-after. And I LOVE the heroine! She’s hilarious! So I’m super excited (and nervous!) about it! The book’s due for release in July!
MVF: See this is what I like about how your talk about your books—you love them, you make them laugh…this fantastic! (and WOW! In July—yay!)

Thank you for being here—I always enjoy talking to you. I hope you stop by again so we can chat some more about the writing life and things in general…
NS: Definitely! I love talking with you, M.V.! One thing though…next time we must have coffee!
MVF: YES!!! Coffee!! *tugs out day planner* I’ll be emailing you…

Also as an aside, since she is President of Southern Magic—I have to share and they have an absolute fabulous Reader’s Luncheon every year the first Saturdayof November. The featured speaker will be Sylvia Day. I am so going! It is very much worth it AND you get to meet Naima Simone (that alone is worth the trip!)
NS: Aaw, go on! No…go on… *grin* And yes! We would love to have you at the Luncheon! SylviaDay. Really, do you need another reason? And please do come grab me if you go! Otherwise I’ll end up in a corner somewhere sucking my thumb talking about nobody liiiikes me! I’m very shy…
MVF:  *laughing* what you’ll be doing is trying to fend off the people!  You may be shy—but you are very gracious.

 Author Bio: Naima Simone’s love of romance was first stirred by Johanna Lindsey and Linda Howard many years ago. Though her first attempt at writing a romance novel at age 11 never saw the light of day, her love of romance and writing has endured. Now, she spends her time creating stories of unique men and women who experience the dizzying heights of passion and the tender heat of love.
She is wife to Supermanor his non-Kryptonian, less bullet proof equivalentand mother to the most awesome kids ever. They all live in perfect, domestically-challenged bliss in the southern United States.

Twitter: @Naima_Simone


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