Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Three Writers: One Challenge.

What do you want to see from your favorite writers?  More books.

I finally finished my first draft of the first book in my novella series and I'm finding I need more of a push to get me focused. I want to have at LEAST two more book done this year (rough draft). But if I don't find a way to get my act together I'll be piddling and nothing will get done.

My solution? I turned to fellow Authors Moriah Densley and Katherine Bone. Both of whom have projects to complete, and time is minimal. Let me introduce you to them (some of my very favorite people):
Moriah Densley

Moriah Densley:  Historical, Contemporary, and Paranormal Author, finds inspiration in unique characters, her best selling books, Song By Sophia, and King of Threadneedle Street, head up her Rougemont series released through Eskape Press. She also has another series, Network-One, soon to be released by Entangled Publishing. Her dialogue is snappy, her research exquisite. She's fun, sharp, and I really wish I could write as fast she does!

Katherine Bone

Katherine Bone:  Historical, Contemporary, and Paranormal Historical Author, finds inspiration in swashbuckling tales of Pirates and Rogues--her best selling book, Duke by Day and Rogue by Night, first in the Nelson Tea Series, has been re-released through Eskape Press. She enjoys writing feisty heroines, and heroes who meet any challenge. Her research is in-depth, and her characters leap off the page. She's got a fabulous sense of humor and a great love of tea. Another fast writer I envy!

Then there is me! M.V. Freeman. I write Urban Fantasy, and Romance Author. I happily admit I am a cross genre writer, who likes dark stories, full of savage emotion. My Hidden Races series is with Omnific Publishing. I have no dates yet on release (but I will pass them on). I like determined heroines, and anti-heroes who push the boundaries, with happily ever afters.

So what is the challenge?

We three set goals for ourselves with a positive and negative reinforcement attached to it. We had to think of something quite dastardly if we didn't accomplish our goals, and something lovely if we did.

We decided if we DID NOT meet our goals, we would post on this blog AND on our other social media pages crazy pictures of us--embarrassing ones where people will have to laugh, gasp, and giggle over.  (Do you want this to happen? Not me!)

Now, if goals are met, what we do get varies. I personally will give Moriah and Katherine Tea of their choice if they succeed.

Below is the time frame and the exact goals:

Moriah Densley:       Have Third Book in Rougemont Series done by May 5th

Katherine Bone:        Have 20k done in total from two novellas she is writing by May 5th

M.V. Freeman:          Have 20k done in total from two books I am writing by May 5th.

The stakes are high! There are day jobs to contend with, families, blogs, edits, and all sorts of fun to interfere with writing (which, I am going to address in another blog).

Will we do it? I'll check in once a week to let you know.  Now if I could figure out how to put a counter on my blog/website to show word count, then things would be awesome. (This is my cheesy way of asking if you know of a good place, just message me or answer in the comments).

How about you? Do you have something you want to do a challenge on? Come join in for fun, let us know how you are doing.


  1. I'll be watching ladies! If I could just get all my "To ' Dos" organized enough for a challenge, I could join ya'll! Good Luck!!

    1. Thanks Sabrina!!
      This going to be fun...

  2. Thanks for the challenge, M.V.! This is either going to be EPIC or an EPIC fail. Lol!!! I'm all in! ♥

  3. Either way -- fun will be had by all!!!

  4. I think this is a great idea and I need a challenge or I will never finish. I want to have at least one my novellas Dayfall and Breeder completed by July 4th. Haven't started either.

    1. Tanisha, you can hop on with us! Just post when we do and we'll celebrate--but are you willing to pay the price if you *don't* make it? *grin* (I think you'll make it!)

  5. I think you should open this to your readers. But since you've got a headstart, perhaps a second challenge with deadline?
    I am working to finish 3 chapters for 3 different contests, deadlines May and June.

    1. Pamela, you can jump in, just comment when we do--and there will be fun o'plenty. :) Like I said to Tanisha--if you make it, YAY!!! Good things will happen, if you don't.... *gasp* :D I might start a monthly challenge! Great Idea Pamela!!

  6. Can I join, too?? Pretty please! I need a kick in the butt to finish a draft of the second book in my mermaid/southern elementals series, and I need about 20K words to do it. I'll take the May 5th deadline and can pitch in Starbucks giftie cards as another reward for you lovely ladies!

  7. Dana,
    That would be fantastic-- the more the merrier in my book. I think this is fun!
    I'll do an update next week and add you to this. :)