Monday, December 2, 2013


There a lot of stressed people over the Holidays. I know, I used to be one of them. After another action packed holiday of dragging kids hither and yon to family we barely see throughout the year, where tempers were short, exhaustion tamping out what was supposed to be a restful time, and dread replaced expectation--I decided enough.

Holidays are supposed to be a time one enjoys. I and my family decided to stay home. We celebrate with friends who like to laugh and enjoy the day.

Then there was the food.

My Friend's Kitchen--and the Burrito Brunch Buffet
Why did I have to eat the same ol' thing every single time a holiday came around. Just because those green beans were made the same way for forty years doesn't make them any better. I confess, I'm not a ham or really a huge turkey for a meal person. I like something different.

So each year we try something new. Some times it works, sometimes, not so much. This year for Thanks giving we tried a Brunch.

Best. Idea. Ever.

Me drinking a Mimosa. Yum.

 We had a Burrito Buffet-- Chorizo sausage, scrambled eggs, cheese, with pico-de-gallo on tortillas. There were tater-tots and home-made vanilla scones.

It was topped off with mimosas. Champagne for the adults. Sparkling Cider for the not-so-legal.

It was delicious!

Brunch: Home-made scone, burrito.
 I didn't miss the Turkey or the fixin's. Nor did my family.

We all ate and laughed. Then watched a few movies including the official holiday movie to kick off the season: "Muppet Christmas Carol"

We even played a board game--which I lost miserably.

It was one of the best Thanksgivings ever. I am enjoying being non-traditional.

So how was your Thanksgiving? Ever thought of stepping outside the box and doing things a little different?

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