Monday, November 4, 2013

Southern Magic Reader's Luncheon-with Jeaniene Frost & Tavia Gilbert

This month has been beyond busy and it was partly due to getting the annual Southern Magic Reader's Luncheon ready. This is where we bring authors and readers together, celebrating out readers. Books and baskets are given, and we had a fabulous keynote speaker:  Jeaniene Frost, along with the narrator for her series, Tavia Gilbert. The welcome speaker was the gracious Christy Reece.

Incandescent Basket

Preparation was the hardest. There were baskets to make. The first one I finished was my basket. It had Kettle bells in it. YES. Kettle bells--30lbs worth, that thing was heavy.  My favorite was the sign that said "I'd agree with you, but then we'd both be wrong." Such a Mikhail saying (My hero from Incandescent)


Nola Basket

The next basket was the NOLA basket--put together by myself, historical author Katherine Bone, and Urban Fantasy author Suzanne Johnson.

There was Coffee, Beignet mix, chocolate, books--all things New Orleans. Except for Jeane Lafitte, wait yes he was there--in the books.


Mystery Basket

 The mystery basket.

This one told who the next speaker is--it is going to be Sylvia Day for 2014.

See, I couldn't even be coy about it, I had to tell you. 

Myself, Deb Herbert, and D.B. Sieders.

I was able to chat with fellow authors, Deb Herbert, and D.B. Sieders. We are all represented by the Aponte Literary Agency. Which I thought was awesome. 

Tavia Gilbert, Myself, Jeaniene Frost
Photo Courtesy of Steve Knight, Dark Knight Photography

The best thing? I was able to meet and chat with Jeaniene Frost, one of my favorite authors, and Tavia Gilbert her voice artist for the Night Huntress Series.

They were gracious, fun, and oh so fabulous. I hated for the day to end.

When it did--I drove two hours home and collapsed onto the couch.

In fact I'm still recovering. Expect more pictures!

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