Thursday, October 3, 2013

My Favorite Season is Here

I love the fall.

The crisp air--the changing color of the leaves. Can't you just smell the cool air?

It is the best time to hike and to go for drives. Even as a kid, I thought this time of year was something special.  perhaps it was because things were changing: new year of school, another year waning....

Probably, because I liked kicking through the crunchy leaves. I admit, I'd rake leaves only to jump into the pile.

With the autumn comes more rain and clouds, another little thing I enjoy: Rain. There is nothing more comforting than drinking a hot cup of something and reading (or in my case writing). Its the only time I don't feel guilty for sitting at my desk.

For some gloomy days are depressing. I see them as opportunities. When winter slides in those iron-colored skies will be more brutal, but so long as I have some place warm I am fine with it.

You know, maybe I'm actually I'm meant to hibernate. This could be a real possibility, but I'd miss my coffee and tea too much.

I have to confess, even though I adore the changing colors of the leaves, the increased precipitation--what I really look forward to is: Halloween.  It saddens me my children don't dress up anymore because they've gotten too old. But I still love the costumes, candy, and scary movies (well, maybe not the scary movies).

The other day I watched Sleepy Hallow with Johnny Depp. Oh my, I totally forgot about all the heads being lopped off.  

Do you like the fall? Why or why not?
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