Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Results of Sugar Free for August.

I admit, I am happy to see the end of this month for many reasons and one is I can now relax a bit on my diet.
I still love vegetables.

So what was the results? I didn't post last week--I wanted to wait until now.

What I was expecting:
  1. Increased alertness
  2. Less sleepiness in the afternoon
  3. Decrease in cravings
  4. Some weight loss
  5. A better sense of well-being
What I did get:
The one thing I missed: Ice-cream
  1. I did manage to do better, but I still had to have my coffee (One day I'll do a test on going without coffee for a month. But right now, that's just crazy talk).
  2. I still felt sleepy in the afternoons, but 15-20 min nap worked fabulously and I was able to write until 10-11p.
  3. This time around, I really struggled with cravings.  Especially ice-cream for dessert and honey in my tea. I never put honey in my tea, but for some reason I *really* wanted to. 
  4. I did manage some weight loss. Nothing huge. (But I am not complaining)
  5. I'd like to say I felt extensively fabulous--but I will say this I didn't get sick, I managed to get through the day without too much effort.  
So what to I think about this little foray into no-sugar?

I will say it was a moderate success--because no matter what happened, I survived without sugar, real or imagined. I admit--I did drink some red wine and yes that is sugar, but I didn't consume anything else.  Perhaps I am making an excuse, but I will say this. I plan not to continue not to consume too much sugar and leave it to the weekends or a very special occasion.

Changing ones diet and habits is a process and my goal is continue to experiment and find what works for me.

Next week, I'm going to talk about work outs. This time I am reintroducing Yoga back into my life. I am stiff and I don't like it. I bet you thought I'd talk about kettle bells--Oh, I will, but first things first.
Yoga. This is next on my Month long challenges.

How did you do on the no-sugar diet?

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  1. No sugar? That's either blasphemy, or you're my new hero!

    1. it was bloody hard-- not sure about the hero part, but certain blasphemous words were uttered thorough out the course of this month.... :)

  2. My preacher announced he was going Sugar-Free for September and I thought that sounded like a good idea. What was I thinking?

    1. I know--it is wickedly hard! :) This month I decided it was Yoga...I'll work on something else next month.