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Meet Historical Author Katherine Bone, W*N a Book!

The Fabulous Katherine Bone

Please meet Katherine Bone, a wonderful writer of historicals, with a love of all things pirate.  In fact her current series is about pirates (or rogues). She also has her first Kindle Daily Deal for today YAY!—and I wanted to celebrate it, by pestering her with questions.

What drew you to writing historicals?
An excellent question, to be sure, M.V. The answer? I get to partay with Captain Jack Sparrow! see I told you she loves pirates! (and he’s awesome). Isn’t that the bomb? But why history? Why not contemporary? Books by Kathleen Woodiwiss, Julie Garwood, and Joanna Lindsey made history come alive for me during my teens. It also didn’t hurt that my High School history teacher was a handsome young man who made history come alive when he spoke. I also had wonderful opportunities as an Army brat growing up to walk on castle ramparts in Germany, tour old Army forts in the west, and visit historic places in my travels. Walking in the footsteps of historical figures has a way of bringing out my imagination, which is vivid and works overtime. (Pirate!)  I loved all of those authors! It takes great skill (in my opinion) to write historicals. You have to keep in mind all what or wasn’t available. (No air-conditioning? *gasp*)

This is your first book in the Nelson tea series, tell us more about it:
Book 1
I’d love to. Thanks! Duke by Day, Rogue by Night is Book One in the Nelson’s Tea Trilogy. Imagine Master  & Commander meets The Scarlet Pimpernel when a nobleman disguised as a pirate must act a duke by day and a rogue by night in order to keep the woman he loves safe from his enemies. Ooh, I love this concept. 

Nobleman Percival Avery, a member of Nelson’s Tea, Admiral Nelson’s intelligence organization, is determined to hunt down his sister’s murderer and locate the benefactor of pirates smuggling along the Cornish coast. Infiltrating a ship disguised as a pirate, he’s forced to abort the mission, exposing himself and his men, when a merchant ship carrying his commander’s niece is attacked. His identity in jeopardy, all connection to his sister’s killers gone, Percy crosses into more dangerous territory―losing his heart―unless he can play the fool in private to keep the woman he loves, his enemies, and the ton at bay.

Lady Constance Danbury, shipwreck survivor, has lived her entire life under her father’s strict supervision. Determined to escape a forced marriage to a lecherous old man and save her father’s dwindling reputation, she boards a merchantman headed for Spain to seek her estranged aunt’s help. Fate intervenes. Pirates attack her ship, bringing Constance face to face with a pirate whose wit and stubbornness matches her own. But all is not what it seems. Soon she succumbs to awakening passion, discovers she’s carrying a pirate’s child, and must fool a much-needed husbanda duke by day, rogue by night.
Ah! Sounds like fun, dastardly deeds, heroism, and of course—the handsome hero.
Book 2

There are a few other books coming after, tell us more! (Pirates…)
Book Two in the Nelson’s Tea Series is The Rogue’s Prize. Captain Horatio Hornblower meets Cutthroat Island as a naval officer joins forces with pirates in order to save a comrade’s life and bring home the only prize worth cherishingthe rogue’s prize. Available now! 
Very cool…and I believe there is a sword wielding heroine in here too… 

Book Three in the Nelson’s Tea Series is The Rogue’s Surrender. The Black Swan meets Zorro when a pirate intent on joining forces with other members of Nelson’s Tea, to save a man’s life, is waylaid by a stubborn and passionate Spanish woman bent on his surrender.
*I am dying for this book* This story is going to be full of fun.

A novella prequel for the Nelson’s Tea Series is My Lord Rogue. League of Extraordinary Gentlemen meets The Unsinkable Molly Brown when Admiral Nelson is ordered to protect England’s shores and seeks the help of a pirate hunter, a man who holds the confidence of a clandestine lady who calls him my Lord Rogue. Next time, I’m going to ask you what images inspire your heroes and heroines (trust me, it’s worth it). 
The one contemporary novel

My first contemporary romance was published with Crimson Romance. Lost Treasure, CaptivePrincess is Under the Tuscan Sun meets the Runaway Bride as power and determination war with passion when a prince seeks a lost treasure and captures a princess in the process.  Available now! This was a different take for you. Very cool. 

Tell us about your characters: Percy is a Pirate but a nobleman, and Constance is fleeing a desperate situation---What is their first reaction to each other?
When Constance meets Percy, he’s undercover, posing as a pirate on a ship that has just attacked her ship, and enters her cabin on the guise of plundering it. Scared, but willing to do anything she can to survive, including slamming a bed warmer over Percy’s head, Constance fears the worst, and with good reason. She’s already survived one pirate attack. The odds are against her surviving another. But Percy is no ordinary pirate. He immediately makes sure Constance understands fighting back against the horde will get her killed before playing a dangerous game to secure her freedom. So you could say Constance hates Percy and is scared of him at first. As for Percy… he’s already lost his sister and he’s motivated by the threat of not saving another woman’s life. A hero worthy of such a strong heroine!

Tell us about your writing, from idea to finished product. Each writer is different and I find this fascinates me.
Writing is an interesting process, isn’t it? I get really good ideas in the shower, which either means I really am a pirate who needs the sea or my muse teases me by providing ideas when I cannot write them down. Arrrrr!!! This I can believe *grin* If I’m fascinated enough by a new idea, I’ll remember enough to get them down on paper. Ideas come from various points of reference: historical research, hero/heroine photos I find in magazines, favorite TV shows, or online image searches, chats with writer friends, brainstorming with my plot guru (wavin’)*waves back—you are awesome to brainstorm with, and life in general. I also watch movies or listen to music that inspires me. At that point, my story ideas are written down in a journal in dialogue snippets or scene snapshots. Then I break out the storyboard, (Something I wish I could use—but I like seeing how it comes together for you) measure out my chapter boxes and glue on my inspiration photos, focusing on Goal, Motivation and Conflict. Once that comes together, the book comes to life in my head, for some reason. Once thusly prepared, I’ll start setting writing goals in a calendar. Solidify those goals with a writing friend or brainstorming partner, and finally write the book.  And it works (I can assure you!)

Where would you go if you had the chance? (Any location)
First, I’d set sail on a Brig in the English Channel with the wind blowing me hair, my hands on the helm, and Captain Jack Sparrow holding out his compass for our heading. (Pirate!) Why am I not surprised?

Second, and a more realistic goal, I’d go to Cornwall, England, Scotland and Wales. I’d walk the streets Jane Austen walked. Visit museums where Regency history lives on and especially tour the old Georgian, Regency and Victorian manor houses in England. Woot!!! I’d love that—awesome!

 Coffee, Tea, or something else?(I already know this answer--but do the readers know?)
Well, now that depends on whether or not I’m being a good wench, doesn’t it? If I had my druthers, I’d be drinking rum with me pirate lot and dancing a jig without a care in the world. What happens in Tortuga, stays in Tortuga! At the end of the night, we’d all cry… “Why is the rum always gone?” (Press pearls. y’all!)*laughing* So long as we could post the pictures to FB and video to YouTube.

But my life is steeped in reality. LOL! Which means… I’m a lady. I’ll take a nice steaming cup of hot tea, please. Don’t pass the sugar or cream. I like mine straight up, me hearty! Blackest of the blackest brew and full of caffeine! What is my favorite blend? Scottish Breakfast Tea! Note to self: I need to order more. Oooh, that tea sounds lovely! (You know I like Tea)

Thank you for a great interview, M.V.  I love your blog and had a great time!!! 
Thank you so much for stopping by, be assured I will have you back. 

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Author Bio: Katherine Bone has been passionate about all things historical since she was an Army brat traveling all over the world. As a budding artist, she met and fell in love with her own Prince Charming, a dashing lieutenant vowing duty, honor, and country. Whisked away to more Army bases, castles, battlegrounds and cathedrals, it was during this time in her life that the muse called with abandon, introducing her to swashbuckling characters promising adventures that would ease the lonely hours Charming was called away on duty. No longer nomadic, Katherine and her rogue have raised four children and set down southern roots with their fluffy Maine Coon, Christine Daae.
You can find her at (click on the name):  


  1. This is an author that is new to me, but these historical romances look good. Love the pirates! ;)

    1. Katherine Bone is awesome! And you win a choice of which book you would like ! :)