Saturday, September 14, 2013

Me + Peppers = Debacle

It thought I was getting those sweet Red Peppers...

I went to the Farmer’s Market near my house. It’s put on by a local church and farmers, and craftsmen all come out and put up tents and sell their wares.  They’ve been doing this for months, of course I finally show up at the end of the season. 

I found myself looking a peppers, they were red, and rounded (not like the picture where they were oblong). They looked a bit like the sweet red peppers I get at the store. I bought them, anticipating sautéing them in olive oil with a touch of sea salt and black pepper to go with sausage for dinner. 

Sounds good? I thought so.

I cut those peppers up. Nothing bothered me, as I dug out the seeds, and sliced them. It wasn’t until I was on the sixth pepper, my hands began to tingle and burn.  Oh. No.

This is Red Pepper I *did* get.
I asked my daughter to take a small taste to see if they were sweet or spicy. She nibbled on one, scrunched up her face and spit it out.

“Oh mom, they are so not sweet. They hot!”

As if on cue my hands began to burn in earnest.   

The last time this happened I’d been stupidly cutting up Jalopenos without gloves. 

I turned to the sink. The burning was getting worse. I washed my hands a number of times. Put them in baking soda-that didn’t work. Put them in cool water—sort of helped. Milk was the best thing ever. I asked a friend for help—she told me rubbing alcohol –that sort of worked.

My hands were red and swollen. I had second degree chemical burns. 
This is what my hands felt like, they were on *fire*
Why? Because Capsaicin is the active degree in chili peppers. If you get this on your skin, it feels like acid. I know some people have no problem with it—ME, it tears me up.

It took a few days, but I’m back to normal.  I’m typing and anything warm doesn’t make my skin ache.

All I have to say is, when I go back to the Farmer’s market, I am NOT getting peppers. 

Have you ever burned yourself on peppers? (please don't make me feel alone in this...)

Note: All the photos are from an free online site, click on this word to go to it: HERE

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