Thursday, August 8, 2013

Why I Write What I Write

I love to write, longhand is for notes
I write fiction.

If one must be specific the sub-genre I write is: Urban Fantasy, Romance, and Paranormal. But it is still fiction. I get to make up people, places, and situations. Here I create what I want to read.
I write because I have stories in my head wanting to be told. It is a creative outlet and if I didn’t have it I’d die like a branch cut from a tree, withering to nothingness. Telling a story is an internal push that propels me to get up every day and sit down at my computer. Sometimes I listen, other times I play on Pinterest (Not too much or I wouldn’t be here).

Some writers have something to say—some message to impart, either moral, ethical, social, or political. Me? I don’t write my stories to carry a hidden message. If there is anything at all I want to impart it would be: Good wins, even the darkest heart can be redeemed, and happily ever after is guaranteed. 

This is how I feel with some books.
I write a story to take someone from the world they are and plopping them into someplace else, in situations they will never face. Why? Because reality isn’t always happy, good doesn’t always win, and hearts break beyond all repair. 

I know growing up—books transported me from the world I had little control over. In a book, I was the girl who could talk to dragons, or the one someone picked to go on a quest. I won the heart of the hero and my enemies all got what was coming to them. It made my imagination soar and for a while what was going on in my real-life faded and it gave me hope, when there were times I had none.

Not everyone is going to like what I write. I am fine with this, because there are stories I don’t care for. Does it make me any less of a writer? No. Nor does my dislike of certain genres or stories make them any less valuable. The best part of being a writer and reader is there is so much to choose from. I won’t apologize for my choice of what I write and read. I don’t think anyone should have to. 

In the end—I write because I love it, even though it frustrates me. I write to give someone a story they too can get lost in for a time. 

My one hope, everyone finds a story they get lost in. 

What have you read recently that has transported you?


  1. I find the older and more experienced I become with writing, the more I like to read (and write) stories that not only transport, but reveal. I love it when an author pins me with a memory, an experience, or a character that brings a moment of revelation to me - Omygoodness THAT's how it feels! Yes Yes! I totally GET it!
    I guess that's why I love womens' fiction and romance - I like to read to identify with the heroine and her story.

    1. Hi Pamela,
      See, I love that certain stories and genres resonate with you! Nothing like walking into a story and feeling like you belong. :)