Monday, August 5, 2013


Turkish Delight
Today I am embarking on a sugar-free month. This means NO refined, regular, or fake sugar (this includes Honey, Truvia, Splenda, etc).

This is going to HARD.

I like sugar. In fact I like it too much. The problem is--Sugar in small amounts is fine, but our diets are filled with hidden sugar and it does terrible things to us. Blood sugar problems, diabetes, addiction...(oh yes there is). This causes weight gain, fatigue, mood swings and the craving for more sugar. (Click here for one article about.)


 I admit I'll miss cookies with my tea. I am not above admitting that's one of the things I enjoy the most. Butter cookies with tea or coffee and lets not forget scones.

But what I won't miss is how tired I am after I eat it.
I've gone sugar free before. It took a week--but suddenly, I didn't drag so much. I felt more alert.

I also lost weight.

I didn't change what I ate in the sense I had rice, some breads (I poured over inserts to food: No sugar, fructose, sucrose and any other sneaky little thing), meat, vegetables. I didn't eat cereals or anything with sugar. I had burgers. Fries--and I lost some weight.  I was also not as hungry.  So I ate smaller portions.

This included using NO FAKE SUGARS. (Click here to read one article--there are dozens). I encourage you to look up the research--fake sugars do nasty things to your body. It promotes belly fat. It also messes with your brain chemistry and you want things sweeter. How many of us have seen people put in packet upon packet of sweetener into tea or coffee? Why? Because our taste buds are changing.

I think this is the toughest to give up. The diet sodas. I used to drink a liter a day (this was many years ago). I had a hard time remembering things. (Click here for one article) One day I stopped. I used to take 8 hours to study for tests, I dropped to 2-4 hours in less than 2 weeks. Articles will argue both sides of the issue. All I know is it changed me. I no longer drink diet sodas and now I have stopped regular sodas.

I used to scoff at thinking I could stop eating anything with sugar. I loved my chocolate. Ice-cream you name it.

I said it was IMPOSSIBLE.

It isn't. I gave myself a time frame. If you can put yourself on a diet for a week or a month -- you can do this.

Again--what do I eat? I eat lots of things that are not pre-made:  Jasmine rice, sausage, meat of all types, cheese, (for those who can't have dairy--this is difficult but can be done), natural nut-butters, vegetables (frozen/fresh) Fruit frozen/Fresh --and for those of you who are on severe budgets like me, I'll have the fruit in a can that is packed in water. None of the fake sugar stuff. I still drink my tea and coffee.

And this time I am giving up Wine and Alcohol. Usually, I'll have a glass on the weekend. This time around I am going to be strong, because that is all alcohol is: Sugar.

The first week is the hardest and I am going to blog about my adventure of sugar free for the month of August. I am also dragging my friend Pyxi Rose into this adventure.

My goal for this month of sugar free is to be more alert and focused. I have two or three projects I am working on and I cannot afford to be sleepy, not with a day job and family.

Will you join me? Or at least come along for the ride.


  1. This will be hard - I put sweetener in my coffee!!! I will wean off!!! Here we go!

    1. You can do this! You'll feel better in a week for sure. This is the hardest part... :)

  2. I am already off sodas completely, but wow. ..I'm not sure I can do all the rest of it. Sugat in some form appears to be in Everything!
    I read a doctor's article that backs up what you say here -apparently it's not fat that is the enemy, it's sugar -in all its forms: maltodextrose, fructose, sucrose. .. if it ends with -ose, it's sugar and it is processed and hurts our bodies.
    About 10 years ago I did this and lost 65 lbs. I felt fantastic. Then I ate candy at Halloween. I was so ill from that.
    I'll attempt this.
    Now...what fot breakfast?

    1. Pamela, you can do this, I promise.
      It seems difficult because lets face it all our food choices are based in sugar. And since you have done this before--I KNOW you can do this again! :)

      So what am I having for breakfast?
      A bowl of jasmine rice, with some cheese and jalapeno's.
      Sometimes I brown some sausage and add scrambled egg. YUM!!

  3. Breakfast=Quest Nutrition bar. Lunch=grilled chicken (by itself). Dinner=shrimp with cocktail sauce made of sugar-free ketchup and horseradish and Louisiana hot sauce; baby spinach with strawberries and vinaigrette dressing. This has pretty much been my menu for the last six months!

    1. Suzanne,
      I honestly think we should have some sort of theme song to keep us motivated when we are wrestling with dietary issues.
      Darn hard to do if you ask me.
      I'm cheering you on!!! :D