Monday, August 19, 2013

Sugar Free for August: Week 2

Habits are hard to break. The things we do on a daily basis aren't easy to discard. I've managed to avoid sugar for the last two weeks.

How has your walk gone?

I'm finding I am eating far more fruit than I used to. This is good and its not been a hardship, I've always liked fruit.

The fruit I've been eating: Apples, pears, bananas, strawberries, blueberries and raspberries (if they are on sale). Is there a particular fruit you gravitate too?

I'm also eating more avocados, cucumber, and tomatoes.

What are you eating more of?

I confess, I still miss something other than cheese or a hand full of nuts when I have my cup of coffee.
This is the hardest habit to break and the one I miss the most. I don't have to have dessert, nor do I need candy, but I really, really like a scone or biscotti with tea or coffee in the afternoon.

The trick is to change it up--I turn to Lara Bars, which only have dried fruit and nuts. (I admit, I still miss the pastry), but it is not too bad.

Instead of thinking of what I can't have, I am learning to be grateful for what I do have. There are many out there who must avoid sugar at all costs. Diabetics or those with auto-immune issues. My complaints pale to what they face.

Are you missing anything being sugar free? How are you feeling?

I'd like to say I'm more energetic, but it is still too early to tell. There is a lot going on in my life right now: Day job, school is starting back for my minions, and my schedule is changing. I am also writing and participating in RWA chapter business.

Next time I should talk about some of my workouts....

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  1. My husband and I have gone through pounds of strawberries, blueberries and cherries in the last month. The fresh fruit has never been better here (maybe all the rain helped the crops). We're limiting processed sugar. When we need a "fix" of sweet, we each have our own tubs of creamed, unfiltered honey from Trader Joe's. Just a half teaspoon does the trick. I walk 2-5 miles daily, but no matter, all I seem to do is maintain, not gain, not lose.

    1. Hi Freda!
      I am glad you stopped by!

      The question at this point is how do you feel? Better? More alert? Focused? Energetic? This to me is more important than weight loss.

      As for working out and walking 2-5 miles a day (AWESOME!) Do you vary the intensity (Walking faster, maybe adding a ruck-sack)? Are you adding in a weight bearing exercise--like forms of yoga, hand weights...etc.

      I ask these questions because out bodies are fickle things-- and they adapt so easily to things even workouts. I am going to talk about some of my workouts in the following weeks and share what I've done.

      But I understand the frustration you are going through completely! I hope things improve and I am with you the fresh fruit has been *fabulous* and I have enjoyed it greatly. I will be sad when the berries are no longer in season. :)

    2. I feel great, feel 30 years younger than my age and am healthy except for old injuries. I am not on any meds and have no issues with BP (mine is a bit low at 100/60); no cholesterol issues. My BMI is fine, so I don't NEED to lose weight, but I wouldn't mind dropping a few more to give me "wiggle room" on our return to Paris next month.

      It's pretty easy for me to drop a pound, but it's even easier to gain it back in ONE restaurant meal out. Restaurants are killers and we eat at local, healthy places and stay away from chains (except for Cheesecake that has a Skinnilicious Menu that is quite good).

      I vary the intensity of my walks. The first 1-2 miles are with our poodle. Then, I walk up to five miles on my own. I have wrist weights as well as 12 lb free weights that I use a few times a week. I do yoga stretches. The best thing for weight loss for me was aerobic dance and cycling, but since I injured my long adductor muscles in both legs, I had to give up side-to-side motion and the up-down pedaling motion. Maybe these will heal. Don't ever injure those muscles!

      Fruit is delicious to me and in the winter, if I can't find fresh, I get frozen berries. I drink almond milk. LIke you, I love scones and biscotti--two treats that I love to bake (I have recipes for both on my blog), but I limit how often I bake to occasions when we have guests.

      Hang in there! Slow and steady. It's a lifestyle change.

    3. That is the most important thing--you feel fabulous! So many do not.

      And ooh, pulling muscles are no fun at ALL. Takes for ever to heal! and you never realize until you actually mess them up how much you use them.

      And Paris--oooh, how nice! Lovely city! I think this is the perfect time to go to Europe--the Fall.

  2. I haven't gotten to a place where I can cut out the processed sugar yet. It's a mindgame, and my mind isn't prepared for that with all the other stuff going on in my life.
    I have, however, become much more aware and conscientious about limiting the processed sugar intake. Also, I've managed to avoid the carbs like potatoes and white sugar (mostly - fell down last night with hamburger bun and oh! my stomach bloated and digested all.night.long. I usually eat burgers without buns.).
    I am trying to avoid the fruits and go with more veggies. Root veggies have sugar too - carrots - but I'm eating them. Salads the past week for one meal. Wait -- I have eaten honeydew & watermelon, but there's alot of water in those fruits too.

    1. Hi Pamela,
      So glad to see you!

      It's hard to make the step--especially when stress is running amok in our lives.

      I am a believer of lowering gluten, but I think we fear too much the natural carbs of root vegetables and rice. And fresh anything helps us with just the pure vitamins and such we can't get anywhere else.

      But we are just huge chemical factories and what works for me won't necessarily work for someone else. I couldn't follow a diet with only vegetables and protein, so I tip my had to you. :) The biggest thing I ask anyone who is following a certain diet--how are you feeling? Because if you're feeling *good* then it works! :D