Monday, August 12, 2013

Sugar Free August: Week 1

This was a hard week.

You never realize until you stop eating sugar how *many* things you consume filled with the stuff.  My diet this week consisted of mostly: Rice, frozen vegetables (sauteed of course), fruit, sausage, bread (which is teetering on the hairy edge), eggs, cheese, cream, milk, Tea, and Coffee.

Red Wine
Not a varied diet, but it worked this week.  But I broke down. On Saturday I had a glass of red-wine. Merlot to be exact...

And it was GOOD.

So technically, I broke the no sugar mandate but I didn't eat any. No scones, cereal, honey in my tea. No ice-cream (it was blasted hot, do you know how hard it was?). I did drink mostly water.

The hardest part of change is follow through. Habits and things we are used to doing on a daily basis, becomes normal. I figure if I get used to not eating any of the above, it will be my new normal.
Latte; minus the sugar

There is one thing that I do have daily. My own home-made latte.


1 mug strong coffee (French Roast if I can get it)
1 cup of whole milk (organic for me) warmed
Heavy cream to taste.

Mix the cinnamon into the warm milk/cream, put in the mug of coffee. Enjoy. For those who are allergic or have an allergy to milk, there is almond and soy you can choose from. It works, with a touch of cinnamon.

For many they panic at the sight of  heavy cream, and whole milk. I usually use it as a snack. To me it's good fat, something that fills me up. Going no-fat, low fat, doesn't work for me. I avoid the oils, except real butter and olive oil. Moderation is the key.

Perhaps I didn't do too well this week. Next week is going to be interesting. Tell me how you are dealing with the no-sugar if you've decided to walk this route. I'm interested.

As a side bar: The photos on this blog I am getting here I will usually caption it and then put this link embedded in the caption, it states it is free download site.  The rest of the photos are mine or bought from other sources. 

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