Saturday, August 3, 2013

2013 RWA National Conference

I make a point to go to one writing conference a year if the finances allow it. This year, because it was so close, I went to RWA, Nationals. I've been wanting to go since I joined years ago. Prior to that I went to smaller, but equally fabulous conferences (like Moonlight & Magnolias held by the Georgia Romance Writers - a chapter of RWA). 

One of the things I did was meet and talk with all those people I never get to see face to face, but share emails, facebook, and twitter conversations with. I also took some time to chat with and hang out with some of my Southern Magic Chapter-mates.  Today I am going to introduce you to a few of them:
My fabulous Southern Magic Chapter-mates! We were hanging out at the lounge area together.  From left: Katherine Bone, Carla Swafford, ME, Kerry Freeman, Meda White.

Aidee and I at the Literacy Signing in Atlanta

I also had the pleasure to meet Debbie Herbert. Her first book, SIREN'S SECRET an intriguing book about Mermaids is coming out soon from Harlequin Nocturne. She and I are represented by the same agent, Victoria Lea from Aponte Literary.
ME, and the cool Debbie Herbert (and quite the Alabama Football Fan!)

My roommate at Nationals, was the fabulous Heather Leonard. This woman is suave, knows how to talk to anyone, and always has the best ideas. She is an Urban Fantasy writer--and I keep bugging her to send me more pages....
Me, before wine and the fabulous Heather Leonard!
 We had costume parties. I admit, I only wore black (boring--but it sparkled). Which is odd, because I really love a good costume. The hit of the costumes, was the pirate Katherine Bone!

Me and Katherine Bone

Cecily White, Me, Katherine Bone.

This was a masquerade ball, there was dancing, music, and plain fun.

When writers get together, one never knows what's going to happen: Dancing, palm reading, and lots and lots of laughing.

Heather Leonard and Angela Blount

I am sharing this because the fabulous Angela, arranged Heather's hair. I wish you could've seen how beautiful it was, this doesn't do it justice.

It's amazing what one can do with hairspray, bobby pins, clear rubber bands, a curling iron, and flat iron...

Of course with all this fun--there was work. A lot of it. Classes, workshops, and mini-conferences. I heard two of the most inspiring speeches about pressing on from Cathy Maxwell and Kristin Higgins. I am making sure I buy those talks to play when I am staring at a blank page and wondering if I'm a fraud. Listening to what those women had to say made the time I spent at National Conference well worth the cost.

I have to get focused again and this conference has helped me do so. I have plots to wrestle with, stories to finish....

What have you done this summer?


  1. Great pics and it looks like you had a fab time!

    1. Thanks Kellie--I did have a fab time!
      I wish you were there!

  2. M.V. I love looking at all the pictures from everyone at the conference. It was an amazing event. What made it was meeting everyone in person I talk to online.

    1. I agree- it was fabulous to meet you. My head is still spinning from all the activity. :) but I wouldn't trade the experience for the world. :)

  3. It was a great conference! Thanks for sharing your photos. I especially loved Kathy's photo. I couldn't even tell who she was at first but then finally recognized her eyes. :)

    1. I meant couldn't recognize her at the party. :)

    2. Hi Missy,
      You weren't the only one! She's amazing. :) She is awesome, and I know we didn't talk, but I did see you! ;)

  4. It was sooooo much fun going to RWA with you. :)