Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Tea and Coffee, My Vice and My Passion

My favorite Tea Pot and Cup
Everyone has a vice. Mine happens to be Tea and Coffee. I must have one cup a day—at least. Sure, I drink it for the caffeine, I like the energy it gives me. Most importantly, I love the the taste. I don't like soft drinks, but I do drink them. If given a choice I'll take water if there is no tea or coffee available.

Lately, I've been drawn to tea more than coffee in the afternoons. I like the ritual of preparing a pot, boiling the water, measuring out the tea leaves. My two favorite teas are: Rose scented, and Earl Grey Lavender.  I'll wax poetic about them in future posts. This is a soothing thing for me, especially if I am wrestling with a plot point (I am in revision mode, which involves making sure the story threads all make sense) or I am stressed about something else in my life. Add a home-made scone and it is truly something fit for kings.

My favorite coffee cup

Coffee is my morning drink. I love it strong and sharp. So far the only brand I can find like this is Starbucks French Roast. Many people don't like it's taste--but I do. Then again, I add cream and milk to it; my personal Cafe Au Lait. I plan to blog about my quest to find this taste in other brands. I believe in supporting small businesses. Plus, I like trying new things.

What do you like to drink? Coffee? Tea? There are many who don't drink any of this--which I am amazed at.

So join me once or twice a month on my quest and my exploration of Tea and Coffee. I'm open to suggestions!


  1. I like both, M.V. I like Starbucks, too, and buy the instant Vias, because my husband doesn't like Starbucks--he likes Gevalia. I've loved coffee for so long ... but have developed irritation in my stomach from acids and have had to cut back. Surprisingly, I've found Starbucks Via seems less acidic than Gevalia ... maybe it's the flavorings I don't know.

    What I really should be drinking is the green tea--I like Tazo. I forget to drink it, though. I'll have to work on that, as I'm generally trying to take better care of my health.

    I enjoyed reading your post--more please! :)

    1. So glad you could stop by Angela!
      I am with you some of the coffee does irritate the stomach, I think (and don't quote me on this one!) there is a brand, I want to say Seattle Best or something is supposed to be less acidic.

      But I'm also branching out and drinking more teas. Greens are hard to find -- I find some very bitter but there are some that are lovely. It is my quest in the following months to try out different teas and I'll share what I find. (and I'll include coffee as well)

      Have a lovely day! *raises cup of tea*

  2. Oooooh! We have a scone bakery in town that makes the most delicious orange-cranberry scones that are perfect for a nice cup of Earl Grey or Breakfast tea.

    1. Hi Aidee!
      I think I need to come visit that bakery--- you know for research purposes. That sounds absolutely heavenly!
      What other flavors do they have?

  3. Love a good cup of hot tea. Touch of sugar and soy milk. Also enjoy a green tea latte from Starbucks...

    1. Hi Jennifer,
      Especially on rainy days like it has been! I confess, I can't do soy. I've tried! So my hat is off to you.

      Have you tried any of the white teas? Some of them are very interesting.


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