Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Daily Deals, Good News, and Inspiration.

This morning to my surprise, I find INCANDESCENT on the Kindle Daily Deal. I hit  #1 spot for Paranormal Romance on Amazon Kindle, which has me in a bit of shock. Am I happy? You bet I am.

So for today I am celebrating!  And you can buy a book about an unapologetic Russian Hero and fiery Heroine for 99 cents and see for yourself.

Click on this for the link: Amazon Daily Deal


Book Blurb: Some gifts are unwanted, and Laurie Hudson's affinity for fire is one she hates. It has destroyed her relationship with her family and she has few friends. She's fought hard to keep the fire inside suppressed, living a low key life as a bartender, until a brutal and charming man blows into her life.

Around Mikhail Petrov, her careful control disintegrates. She is at once drawn to his urbane, cool demeanor and irritated by his overbearing manner. Her options are taken away when he kidnaps her, forcing her into a fight she wants nothing to do with. As she learns to survive, Laurie faces the hardest choice of all, her freedom or the destruction of the frustrating man she's come to care for.

A formidable Tri-elemental, Mikhail Petrov commands earth, air, and water. He will use anyone or anything to free himself from the oppressive rule of the Mages, including the untrained fire element he discovers, Laurie. Most of his family has been wiped out in an effort to manipulate him. He thinks he has nothing left to lose. To him, Laurie is a tool, a rare and powerful elemental that is his to use. He fights his feelings for the fire elemental because with caring comes weakness, another opening for destruction. Rarely are emotions as easy to control as his elements.

As he trains Laurie to work with him, he doesn't expect his growing attachment to her. With the Mages closing in, Mikhail faces a choice: destroy the fledgling relationship with Laurie to gain his coveted freedom, or sacrifice himself for hers.

My Inspiration for Mikhail Petrov. Image from Brego.net
 My inspiration for Mikhail Petrov, the hero in INCANDESCENT is Viggo Mortenson in Eastern Promises.

He fit the personality perfectly--and oh was he fabulous in this movie. Tough, cool, with a fierce heart.

Love this movie-and this character!
Rachelle Lefevre

My heroine was a bit harder to find--I wanted someone who was spunky, had red hair and I found Laurie Hudson in Rachelle Lefevre (see photo)

What I like is the variety of characters she plays--and her expressions are easy going and unguarded. 

Together in my writers brain I brought the two together and they worked! I used to think I could create formless characters--but it helps to have a visual anchor (at least for me!)

For all who have read the book, what do you think? As for those who haven't tell me what what you like in a hero and heroine. 

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