Monday, May 6, 2013

Rough Draft Done, the Fun Begins

There is something exhilarating when one finishes the book. Last Sunday, I finished ILLUMINATION, and sent it off. Not for submission--now I want it ripped to shreds, so I can revise it to within an inch of it's life.

I have to let it sit, but it's making my fingers itch. The urge to write affects me like drawing used to. I knew when it was time to create because I get a strange sensation in my hands telling me to do SOMETHING.

 So, what have I done? I redid my website, changed the colors, added a few things, removed others. I've started to read. I am cleaning my house. It's exciting. I'm even going to cook---which makes my family ecstatic.

I'm also going to devote a bit more time to getting more things set up on my blog--I'm bringing in all sorts of authors. I want to talk to those who are published through the regular routes, those who go digital, others who are self-published.
Why? Because I love good stories. It doesn't matter where they are from. I want to share them to. It also serves another purpose--inspires me.

In the next few weeks, I'll share with you what I'm reading and how the revisions are going.

Which reminds me--I have book Three to think about and a Novella I have in mind...

Oh there are projects-0-plenty.

What do YOU do after you finish a big project?


  1. I didn't know you draw...did I read that right, M.V.? Are you not only an uber talented author, but an artist as well?
    Hmmm, when I finish a big project (a book, or paintings) I like to read and do yard work. I'm not a cook, I burn water, but I'm a hell-uv-a mower, clipper, trimmer, edger, digger, planter, chopper (I recently chopped wood with an ax like a pioneer for 4 hours straight) I love manual labor. Seriously, I like to sweat and get dirty :)
    I'm SOOOOOO thrilled you've finished Illumination. When can I read it?
    Happy, happy for you!!!
    Have a great evening and a brilliant tomorrow!

  2. Thank you Tamara!
    I love to draw--went to art school for a while, before I got the brilliant idea to get a degree outside of art (sigh). And I know you are a FABULOUS artist--I love your paintings!

    Oh, I like that you want to accomplish something physical--that is cool. Manual labor is an awesome workout AND you get to see the results fairly quickly. ;) I like to Mow. You impressed me with chopping wood--very cool.

    Well, I hope I can have Illumination out to Beta Readers soon... :D

    I am very glad you stopped by--and may the day bring happiness and laughter!