Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Music and Mina

I am close to finishing my second book, the end dances before me.

It's a funny thing, getting this close, because now I need to remember my characters and who they are, and what they are feeling (not that I forgot--but when I am writing fast and furious I tend barrel on--and it's easy to drop certain parts of my characters)

My heroine Mina, is quirky, obsessed with Cheetos and cheese-puffs. She is compelled to find out information, help others (whether they want it or not) and refuses to believe she can't solve all problems.  She's also terribly in love with a man who is on opposite side of war she inadvertently help start.  She is quite the conundrum.

During the course of this second book, Mina has to grow and learn her interference has consequences and love is not with out pain. She's hidden behind her act of cluelessness for far too long  and it is going to cost her.

For me, music keeps me in Mina's head. Reminds me what is going on. Today I am going to share with you a few pieces I listen too when I write her--listen to the music and you'll feel the same thing I am (I hope)

My first selections are from Halestorm. Now that is one cool group.


Halestorm : Familiar Taste of Poison.  This evokes the longing and tragedy of loving someone who is also your enemy. In the world Mina inhabits treachery is the norm. This reminds me-no matter how much something goes right, it also goes very, very wrong.


Halestorm: Love Bites.  I love this one, "love bites and so do I" says so much about who Mina is. This shows her fierceness and her ability. I also have to bring Mina to a point of fury and fight--and this song does it.


Halesorm: I Miss the Misery.  What is love with out some dysfunction? This reminds me of the world Mina lives in. That what is normal for some is not for others--and love can truly twist things up.

But like with anything--there is a happy ever after for Mina, but she has to go through the Storm above to get to it--and I remind myself of this by this song.


Christine Perri:  A Thousand Years.  This is how Mina feels about Xander, her hero. She loves him absolutely and in the end she will get the good things--but she pays a price.

I will talk about Xander's music, next time. (Yes, each character has their own songs!)

Do you listen to music as you read or write? Do you like knowing what the writer listens to as they work on a story?

I'm curious... (Now I know where Mina gets it)

Thank you for stopping by!


  1. Sometimes music if I need to drown out background noise and if it inspires the scene I need to write. Most of the time, I prefer quiet. A writer can never get enough quiet!

    1. That is true Kellie!
      I actually need quiet or soft classical music when I am revising or reworking a scene in depth. But oooh, does music help when I am getting it down! :)

  2. OMG MV every song you listed I totally love!!!! Halestorm is one of my favorite bands!! AND Christina Perri is amazing!!! NICE music tastes!!!!!

    1. Thank you Mindy! ;) I love music, although I can't carry a tune. :)

  3. Some great selection! Christina Perri's song is so haunting and beautiful.
    I'll have to check out the others.
    Thanks for sharing and cheers for being so close to THE END.

    1. Thank you Tamara!
      I adore Christina Perri, because the emotion is so raw. I tend to go in extremes with my music. ;)

      Hugs back! I am excited to be this close... :D

  4. I can't write and listen to music (yes, that's me on the couch with my target shooting ear muff thingy on so I can still be "part of the family"). BUT, I listen in the car. When I hear a song I'll think of my characters and imagine them going through a scene to it. It helps because I can get a feel for if I like a scene or a scenario in the time it takes a song to play.

    1. Ali, That is awesome!
      I do the same thing, I day dream far too much! But do you find that you try to listen to the song again every now and then?

      I like how everyone uses music to their own way of writing or even reading, this is very cool.

    2. Daydreaming is great! I think that's how we reboot! But, yes, I definitely listen when something works to motivate me. I'm on an Eagles kick right now with my characters. They are Taking it to the Limit at the Hotel California. lol